by Seay Stanford

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Communicating effectively is essential for success in all aspects of life including marriage, business, and even tattoos. My friend’s daughter was recently finalizing a design for a new tattoo and thought to ask my daughter for her opinion. My daughter Raina has studied Japanese culture extensively and has become fluent in the Japanese language. My friend’s daughter was getting a Japanese “kanji” tattoo so she had the good sense to check with an expert before getting permanently inked. A tattoo acquired at the age of twenty will be with you for quite some time so getting it right is a good idea. The intended meaning of the tattoo was “change”; specifically, a change in the girl’s life. Raina started laughing, because the direct translation of “life change” in Japanese would mean “menopause”.

Accuracy in communication can be pretty important. How you communicate is an essential element as well. This is an area that I struggled with for a very long time. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I really found my “voice”, and finally became a comfortable and effective speaker. This has applied not only to public speaking but in many other areas of my life as well. By sharing my journey and discoveries with you, I hope to help you become a more effective and influential communicator as well.

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