Traci Adams Independent Diamond Beachbody Coach, Team Fueled for Fun & Fitness

Traci Adams

Independent Diamond Beachbody Coach, Team Fueled for Fun & Fitness

"I have been a Beachbody Coach for just under a year and am BEYOND grateful that I joined the Beachbody FAMILY and Team Refinery, but even more so that I have Seay as my up-line coach. From the moment I told her I was ready to join her team she has been an amazing mentor. From the very beginning when I had no clue where to start up until now she has given me the resources, tools and support I have needed to be successful in this business. It is no secret that she is the “Shakeology Queen” and knows just about everything about it, but what a lot of people do not know is how caring, sincere, thoughtful and intelligent she is! Her degree in psychology and her corporate background have certainly been put to great use in this business! Her passion for Nutrition and healing with food takes it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

What I REALLY LOVE about Seay is how INSIGHTFUL she is and how she really digs in to help you figure out what you need to do next. When I say “what you need to do next” I need to clarify that it is not HER agenda, EVER. When I have scheduled calls with her she sets aside HER time and agenda and listens to what is going on in my business; she then helps me figure out a plan of action not by TELLING me what to do, but through series of questions that lead me to my own realizations! Her commitment to helping her team GROW and DEVELOP is paramount! This has contributed to her success in this business as well as her team’s success!

Something about Seay that I think is so unique is her ability to see the big picture view in this business—> she always takes it back to truly helping people live better, more fulfilling lives which is what it is all about. By staying true to this calling she has developed a phenomenal business while helping OTHERS do the same. I thank my lucky stars for HER as well as THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY everyday!"

"A mediocre coach will tell you. A good coach goes further to explain. A superior coach then demonstrates. Seay INSPIRES!

Becky Hilty

Beachbody Coach

Seay is everything a leader/mentor should be. She is practical and relatable. Seay took time to help me build my road map to success. She introduced me to other professionals which allowed me to build my network and grow. On so many occasions she has been a sounding board and a safe place. More profoundly, she has listened to my hopes, dreams, and my fears. Seay awakened a fire within me that I lost somewhere between being a coach, teacher, wife, and mother. She saw potential in me when I didn't see it in myself. Seay has become one of the most influential people in my life. Being apart of her team "The Refinery" is a gift, a blessing....truly greater than I ever imagined. I'm beyond blessed to call her my coach, mentor, and friend."