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"As a leader, I have found that one of the most challenging aspects of owning a company is managing employees.  While proper training is important, communication and the ability to keep employees enthusiastic about their job is equally as important.  Seay's breakthrough allowed me to identify new techniques to ensure continued growth and success of my company!"

- Ron Slusser


“This book contains wisdom that every business leader and speaker had better figure out. If you’ve ever wondered why your employees don’t get viscerally excited when you address them, or conversely if you’ve ever wondered why your audience leaves all charged up but then nothing seems to come together, this book will show you the light.  In this ground breaking book, you’ll learn that you most probably default to one of two distinct types of leadership communication styles.  And once you know your style (and therefore your weakness), Seay’s book teaches the complimentary leadership language that will increase your ability to produce results.  I highly recommend this book.”

Harry J. Gold
CEO, Overdrive Interactive