Team Refinery Diamond Leaders

The Refinery is about REFINING not just your health, but your quality of life, your finances and your future.  Its about showing others the way.  Its about doing something for 15 Star Diamonds ourself, BY HELPING OTHERS.  Today, is a BIG day for The Refinery, because it has OFFICIALLY Refined 15 Diamond Lives.

We create our freedom through inspiring lifestyle changes in others through health and fitness.   I want to recognize the diamond leaders on my team.  They pay it forward everyday and are creating freedom through more time and income for their family.  There is no “type” of coach.  We are every day people with a strong passion to make the world a more positive place and get people in better health.

I am deeply grateful to them, because THEY are the real rock stars.  Without this lineup ofamazing people, I would still be a Diamond ranked Coach.  THEY make up my success.   What many don’t know is that I didn’t create a contest, or an incentive to obtain 15 Star (not that I don’t run incentives, I just didn’t for THIS), it was built on organic BELIEF and INSPIRATION in this business.

They didn’t even know I was qualifying.  Why??  I wanted their business and rank to always be about THEM, not me.  I want all my coaches to believe in themselves.   I want THEM to see the value of this business and being a diamond leader.  I want them to be so proud of their accomplishments that maintaining was not only a necessity for THEM, it is the starting point of their own business.  Anyone can fill in the blanks to hit diamond, but these special people are true LEADERS and I am soooooo proud of them <3

So now the cats out of the bag!  I am deeply grateful to these coaches, they are building their dreams along side me.  Thank you all for continuing to put your trust, faith, personal time and sweat equity in this team.  Onward and Upward Refinery Rock Stars!!

THREE Star Diamond Coach Becky Hilty

Becky Hilty

Profession: Teacher

Age:  33

Joined:  August 2013

Diamond:  November 2013

This lady, right here. is a BIG DEAL!!! In August 2013, Becky Hilty was an over worked, underpaid high school teacher that coached three team sports. Her husband Brian Hilty, was a fire fighter and worked two other side jobs. They BOTH worked every bit they could so their family could make enough money to cover their monthly bills, medical debt and provide for their three children. She’d go without getting her hair cut and styled every month, to cover her retail Shakeology. To save even more money, in August, she joined as a Beachbody coach, just to get the discount. Just a few weeks later she knew she found something BIGGER than a discount. She found a way to build a better FUTURE.

In Becky’s early months of being a Beachbody Coach, times got really ROUGH. Becky and Brian struggled to stay connected as couple because they were both working ALL THE TIME. They were human doings—-> not human beings. They parented in “shifts”. Then, their two year old daughter, Addy started suffering from unexplained seizures and would stop breathing. That kept them driving back and forth from their tiny little town to Shands hospital in Gainesville at any given moment. All the while, their medical bills continued to pile up. It was a suffocating sequence of events that at times, felt like would never ever end.

No Time….No Money…A LOT of Stress. That combination takes a toll on everyone. But that is where THIS lady is different. Where most people would give up, make excuses, and build their Beachbody business “some other time” or when “life got easier”, she chose to hang on and DIG EVEN DEEPER. Becky sacrificed sleep, stayed focused and gave even more of her precious time to others, learning this business and doing the vital behaviors to become successful. She was present and engaged on every single one of my team calls and she continued to help her customers on the phone or in person, knowing that those personal connections were the small special differences between selfish and selfless acts. Acts that are easy to do, yet easy not to do, too. Becky always chooses the “TO DO”. She even reaches out to me, to see how I AM. Not to want anything from me as her sponsor, but just to let me know she is thinking of me. Becky has an unwavering ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE.

Since becoming a coach, Becky has resigned from ALL THREE high school coaching jobs and Brian has cut back his extra side jobs. Becky is earning MORE income per week with Beachbody, than she earns per week with over eleven years of her teaching experience.

What did those selfless sacrifices provide her and her family?

MORE FREEDOM: instead of traveling to ball games she is HOME every evening and on the weekends.

CONNECTION: she and Brian are more connected as a couple and share this passion not their stress.

QUALITY of LIFE: they earned a free five day cruise in March, attended a conference in Vegas in June and a free Leadership conference in Arizona, in September and instead of her and Brian watching the kids in parental “shifts” they have spent more time with their three children than they ever have as a family unit.

LESS DEBT: with the extra income they are able to get closer to their debt free status every week.

Has it been EASY? Nope. Was it worth it? What do you think? Becky could have taken the “easier” path at the time when it seemed life kept knocking her down. She could have made excuses that she was from a tiny blue-collar town and people couldn’t afford what she offered. She had a lot to learn as all new coaches do and still had to establish a strong business in the beginning while life kept giving her extra challenges to deal with. She could have let the catty high school hallway “snickers” behind her back from her co-workers make her question her BELIEF. Becky chose to hold her head high, read and hour of personal development every morning at 430am and stayed laser focused towards her FUTURE.

And trust me when I say that, Becky is just getting warmed up. She becomes a stronger leader every day. She hits SC10 every single month. Not only has her unwavering commitment substantially improved her family’s life, but she has paid this business forward to THREE coaches of her own. Three people she has lead to growing and establishing their own diamond businesses, awarding herthe rank of a THREE STAR DIAMOND coach!!!

TWO Star Diamond Coach Kelly Ricard

Profession:  Legal Assistant now Full Time Beachbody Coach

Age:  34

Joined: April 2012

Diamond: January 2013

 Two Star Diamond is the FIRST BIG LEADERSHIP Rite of Passage in Beachbody. Its not just that Kelly has personally sponsored TWO Diamond Coaches, but that at 2 Star, she now qualifies for QUARTERLY Bonus’s and can open up another business center….(its like cloning your business!)
Kelly joined my team as a challenger in my group and has AMAZING weight loss results, which led her to becoming a coach and paying it forward to others. This is a girl that after doing other network marketing companies told me she WOULD NEVER join another one. Ha! Well Mrs TWO STAR DIAMOND leader in Beachbody- I’m REALLY happy that you decided to change your mind!   She and I both know that Beachbody is a pretty special company and not at all like the others.
In two years, Kelly has resigned from her full time “day job” and has doubled the income she was earning working for someone else. Now, she works from home, can pick her boys up from school and be “present” with her family and friends.
For Kelly, its not even the physical and financial changes shes experienced, she has had a major SOCIAL transformation, as well. After years of being in negative and dysfunctional circles that brought her life down, she is now surrounding by happy, positive, supportive and loving friends that want the BEST for her. Through this experience she has met amazing new friends all over the country and has been able to travel to Summit in Vegas, Leadership in California, and even take her family on a free FIVE day cruise. ALL just in TWO years!

ONE Star Diamond Coach Chris Duffield

Profession:  Government Sales now Full Time Beachbody Coach

Age: 43

Joined:  December 2011

Diamond:  June 2012


Chris and I met on Ft Lauderdale Beach in April 2007 and have remained friends, ever since. Little did we know in those first few years, how much our combined efforts would change the financial and physical lives of HUNDREDS of people! Forty-three year old Chris has personally sponsored THREEDiamond business while also working FULL TIME with his big stressful corporate job, and battling severe physical pain from his chronic ankylosing spondylitis.   Not only was he able to walk away from his six figure job to become a full time Beachbody Coach, but he has lost over 40 pounds with P90x and Shakeology, has become certified in P90x and Piyo, cut his Humara dose in HALF and now is well enough to compete in Spartan Races. Chris, you are an such a leader and inspiration on our team. I am so happy that I needed a “sand chair” thatday on the beach!

ONE Star Diamond Coach Candace Taylor

Profession:  Full Time Mommy of Two

Age: 27

Joined:  May 2012

Diamond:  February 2014

Candace started her journey as a challenger in my group two years ago. She had such an amazing transformation that she WON $500 from Beachbody! Candace is a mom to TWO young boys and wife to her pharmacist and self employed husband, Kevin. She has been a HUGE source of encouragement and FAITH to our team. She has attracted some AMAZING coaches to her business, like Diamond Coach and Former Dentist, Stephanie Cook and soon to be Diamonds, Tito and Amanda.
Candace has a tremendous heart and offers so much compassion to our team by encouraging others and giving her calming talks.  She always bring that beautiful smile to our team calls (albeit from your closet :-p) and words of faith.  She and her husband are opening their own pharmacy in Alabama.   I am sooo proud of the business woman and leader you are.

ONE Star Diamond Coach Renee Cascone


Age: 42

Joined: July 2012

Diamond:  January 2014


Renee and I grew up on the same street together roller skating and playing on her swingset and now we are team mates building bigger dreams of financial freedom. Renee is a single mom of Evan, who by far is one of my son, Reagan’s favorite friends. Renee balances her full time job, raising Evan, her love of football games & Dave Matthews Concerts with her Beachbody business. She is such a well-rounded busy mom that balances fun, work and parenting. Hence her perfect business name… busymomwellness! Not only is she officially ONE STAR, but she’s a banging hot super fun mom!
Renee I love the heart, passion and courage you bring to this business. I love that you will talk to anyone and everyone. I love your creative mind and how you use it to meet new people and grow your network!

ONE Star Diamond Coach Amanda Kaytes

Profession:  Hospital Equipment sales Rep, Certified Holistic Health Coach, IIN

Age:  33

Joined: January 2014


Website: Soul Hearted Fitness

This girl has BIG DREAMS and BIG IDEAS! Let me GUSH over what an amazing leader this girl is….

When Amanda was a coach for just seven months,  her Diamond coach, Sabrina Zucker Grossi went 1 Star Q , and Sabrina’s diamond coach Jennifer Baamonde has a Diamond of her own, Kelly Forrestal! Talk about effective down line duplication! Leadership starts at the top and Amanda Kaytes is at the TOP of her team, Fitness Junkies! She is quite the motivator, mentor, cheerleader and my favorite quality- wise ass It is no wonder that Fitness Junkies has so much fun, growth, passion and success!

Amanda and I began chatting back in December 2013 and the more we spoke, the more we realized we lived completely parallel lives!! She and I both grew up in South Florida, we both have a degree in psychology, we both spent years in pharmaceutical sales, we both went on to get nutrition certifications at IIN, and we both share the same spiritual beliefs. And our guys are both total soccer junkies Since becoming a diamond coach she has blossomed into a passionate and very effective leader that I am in AWE of. I have tremendous respect and admiration for Amanda and am so PROUD of her 1 Star accomplishment and love the team culture she has created.

TWO Star Diamond Coach Neil Stanford

Profession:  Owner Stanford Motor Vehicles

Age:  43

Joined: February 2012

Diamond: June 2012

Website:  Stanford Motor Vehicles

From the outside many folks may THINK I do this business on my own. While YES, there is a portion I do, I want EVERYONE to know how much this man right here DOES all around me! I would NOT be successful if it was not for him—> PERIOD.
You may know my hubby Neil Stanford as a “Funtrepreneur”, and as fun as he is to most, he is 100% my EMOTIONAL DRIVER. He will be the first person awake every morning helping the kids. He takes them to school, helps with their homework, runs them around town, cleans up the house and just GETS IT DONE.
Then, he also runs his car lot, “Stanford Motor Vehicles” meaning he’s at auctions, doing the accounting, dealing with customers, training, you name it.
He is a product of Beachbody, doing the fitness programs (he’s even in the Body Beast Infomercial) and drinking Shakeology daily (actually- he drinks TWO). But he doesnt stop there. He shares what the products have done for him with people EVERYWHERE and then sends them———-> MY WAY.
While I do my team calls at night, he watches our kids so my team has my undivided attention. At events he is my ROCK. He never left my side at Summit. He’s man enough to carry my purse, take a bazillion pictures and he sat in the front row at BOTH of my speaking events while many other husbands of wife speakers were chilling at the pool.
I can be very strong willed and determined at times but this man KNOWS the very soft and vulnerable side to me and NEVER takes advantage of that and is ALWAYS KIND to me and my HEART. Dont get me wrong, he will totally yank my chain when I step out of line, but always from SUPPORTIVE and KIND intentions.
Neil is the most well rounded and amazing man I’ve ever known. He’s fun, gentle, smart, a great daddy, wickedly HOT, and true friend, honest businessman, and an official ONE STAR DIAMOND COACH

Diamond Coach Jen Valencia

Profession:  Auditor

Age:  38

Joined:  August 2012

Diamond:  March 2014

Please help me CONGRATULATE the Refinerys NEWEST DIAMOND COACH…Jen Pinili Taala-Valencia!!!! Now for the Story- which REALLY chokes me up

Jen came to me as a free Beachbody Customer Lead. She loved the products, Shakeology, the results and all the support that came with Beachbody. Jen was sharing with me one day the cost of sending her boys to private schools and how difficult and expensive it was to afford for their modest income. After some discussion, she decided to become at the very least, as discount coach to save on all the products she was using.

Jen and I met in person for the first time in April 2013, when I was in California for a Super Saturday. From that event on—> she had the BIGGER VISION of Beachbody and the lives it changes on a HUGE LEVEL!

Jen is a PEARL personality type (for those of you that follow Dani Johnson) and the idea of helping so many people on a bigger scale she KNEW was her greater purpose through God. She attended Summit, and has been FULLY ENGAGED ever since.

Just three weeks before went diamond,  she woke up and saw in her back office that HALF of her entire business center was going INACTIVE. She was gutted. All the work she had done had fallen apart.
She choose to see this as an OPPORTUNITY. This was her time to DIG DEEP, surrender to GOD and let him guide her. She said, “Seay, all this means is that I need to become BETTER. I need to BELIEVE that I will find people that just dont want discounts, but that want to BETTER THEIR ENTIRE LIFE.”

In just three weeks, not only did Jen replace all her coaches that went inactive, but she replaced them ALL WITH BUSINESS BUILDERS! Jen has a STRONG TEAM of coaches that share her VISION and are all fully engaged in our current coach apprentice group.
Jen- Your FAITH, SPIRIT and GENUINE PASSION for HELPING OTHERS inspires me daily. Your commitment to your family, your culture, faith, Beachbody and your personal MISSION makes ME a more passionate person. I am soooooo PROUD of you. Not just like “proud” but BEAMING proud of you. What you have accomplished from the day one “shy Jen” to now…. is true DIAMOND LEADER MATERIAL!


Diamond Coach Shelli Shane

Profession:  Admin Assistant

Age:  43

Joined:  July 2013

Diamond:  March 2014

Shelli is a GORGEOUS 42 year old mom of three that has lost over 125 pounds over the past few years with Beachbody products!!!

Shelli fell in LOVE with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset last year after getting amazing results both in kicking her plateau and resolving some long-time health issues she was facing. From that point onward, it was GAME ON and time to start showing others the way! Shelli balances a full time job, three children, bible study, her hubby, while helping others achieve their goals.

Shelli and I met in Vegas at our annual Summit meeting and she is truly a great person.  Her weight loss journey is nothing short of inspiring!!!   She has motivated so many people with her substantial weight loss results, and has helped countless others fulfill their own goals!

Diamond Coach Pattie Hus

Profession: High End Cabinetry Sales Rep, Florida Market

Age:  53

Joined: March 2014

Diamond:  May 2014

FIFTEEN YEARS….that’s how long I have known this RADIANT lady right here! The very DAY I joined Beachbody 2 1/2 years ago, I had written “Pattie Hus” as #1 on my list of people Id want on my TEAM. Without a doubt!!! It took Pattie 2 1/2 years to (finally!) join and in literally JUST 73 days, this 53 year old ROCK STAR of a hot mama, has become a DIAMOND COACH!!! (<–and shall I add she’s nearly at 1 star!)

I first met Pattie back in 1999 where we both were hired by BellSouth to market cell phone contracts to large companies. The job came and went, but for the 15 years since, we have remained close friends. Pattie is one of those rare people, that truly has this special LIGHT in their hearts that radiates to everyone around. She is selfless with her time. She volunteers for Meals on Wheels, she raises money and walks the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk every October, she does COUNTLESS other charities to give back to others and recently, she spends her free time looking after her parents, since her dad recently suffered a stroke, all while working FULL TIME as a high end cabinetry sales rep covering the entire state of Florida! She adores her grown son, Taylor and daughter, Amy. But most of all, Pattie is SUPER FUN!!!! She goes to alternative-grunge concerts, tailgates at Gator games and is always the one that brings people together. Pattie has always had a loving and fun relationship with her husband Jim, which when I was single, I knew I wanted something just like she and Jim have. They are REALLY freaking CUTE together and such a fun couple.

She is also VERY passionate about health and exercise. Shes always been that friend that’s on the fitness “go” that people gravitate towards for her energy, knowledge and passion of fitness.

Can you see why I KNEW Pattie would be PERFECT for this business?! First and foremost because her heart is about giving back to others. Seriously, one could not design a BETTER Beachbody coach! Beachbody coaching isn’t about being certified in nutrition or in fitness. Its not the knowledge, it’s the HEART. Coaching is about LEADERSHIP and SUPPORTING people to believe in themselves. Coaching is about keeping people motivated and helping them find the tools that work best for their lifestyle.

Pattie Hus HAS the drive, the heart, the wisdom, the energy and the passion and I couldn’t be MORE PROUD of what an amazing coach she is.

Diamond Coach Jamie Gillespie

Profession: Admin Assist

 Age:  43

Joined:  January 2014

Diamond: May 2014

Jamie is my longtime “soccer sister”!!! Girl, do you have ANY idea how HARD it was to find a picture of us where we aren’t laughing hysterically? One of theeee best parts of this business is that I get to talk to my best friends all the time because we also “work” together!!
Jamie has been drinking Shakeology for several years and the positive difference it made in her health was nothing like she even imagined. Then, she had her daughter start drinking it to see if she experienced similar benefits and when she did, Jamie was ready to shout it out on the roof tops!!! In Jamie’s few months of being a coach, she has really made a huge impact on her family and friends health. Not by selling, but simply sharing the benefits of whats it done for her health

What I LOVE about Jamie is that she is so dang REAL. She is just a truly FUNNY and down to earth Virginia girl. We even went cow-tipping and on a hay ride the day before her wedding ! Don’t be fooled by her laugh and gorgeous blonde hair, because this lady was FIERCE on the soccer field in college!! Jamie and I both majored in psychology so she and I spent a LOT of time in class and studying together. On top of that, we were roommates and played soccer together. I swear she and I were joined at the hip 24/7 our senior year. And you know what?…We LAUGHED the entire time! Oh my goodness this girl brings out a smile in me that few people can.

Jamie and her husband Darryl’s friendship is near and dear to Neil and I. I sure do wish we could see each other more often. The blessing with her coaching now, is that with it, she is eligible to go on all the same free trips as I am!…. so we WILL get to see a lot more of each other.

Oh GEEEZ we will get NOTHING done in the seminars!! HAHAHHA!

Diamond Coach Judie Norwood

Profession:  Corporate Trainer and Regional Manager: Banking

Age: 47

Joined:  July 2014

Diamond:  September

(and this one has a kicker that you must read!)

She is a mom of THREE, a full time BIG TIME CORPORATE BANKING MANAGER and a gorgeous 47 year old! What is even more impressive is that this beautiful busy brunette petite ROCK STAR coach has not only achieved well over SC10 since joining the Refinery on July 3, 2014, but she achieved her SOLID DIAMOND STATUS in just 73 days!!!!

Please help me give a very well earned CONGRATULATIONS to new Diamond Coach, Judie Norwood!!!——> AND READ ON BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE IT GETS REALLY GOOD——>

This lady has an EXTRA SPECIAL ROLE I’m guessing that no other Beachbody Coach can claim to have in their business…….and if you’ve known me longer than four years you MAY be able to GUESS what that role is based on her… LAST NAME.

Judie, is the “Bonus” or step mom to my two daughters, Raina and Reese. That is right, Judie is married to my ex-husband! (Hey- can Jim Norwood marry some pretty ROCK STAR women, or WHAT?! LOL) We have taken the meaning “Beachbody is like family” to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!! Seriously, what is so incredible about this business is the lives and relationships that it truly CHANGES and the BARRIERS that it can break down. Sure we pay health forward daily, but we truly do CHANGE RELATIONSHIPS and refine one’s quality of life with our positive team culture and sense of true FAMILY.

Just like our quality of lives, the quality of our relationships is also a CHOICE and the results of the efforts we choose to make. I could not think of a more important role for the “modern day blended family” than for CHILDREN to feel peace, and not animosity or anxiety between their two homes and families. What better lesson to teach, than that blended families, although different, can work TOGETHER to create harmony and compromise for the betterment of the kids. I am thankful every single day, that my daughters’ when not in my own care, have such a loving, caring second mom influencing them in a way that I can feel proud of and secure with. Like most families, the journey has had bumps in the road, but what should always matter is the EXAMPLE we set for our future generations, that although marriages don’t work out, people can work through differences, be mature, responsible and always behave in the spirit of putting the best interest of the children, FIRST.

I must admit that I was really surprised at first when she and Jim reached out to me as customers, and then soon after, as coaches. Since the day she has joined, Judie has lost that last fifteen pounds with the 21 Day Fix since July and is paying her success forward to many of her friends and family. She is efficient, a go getter, takes initiative, creative, has boundaries and is VERY DRIVEN. Judie not only has one of the most important roles in my own FAMILY, but she is a VERY STRONG LEADER, in our Beachbody FAMILY, as well sharing ideas and how she builds trust and strong challenge groups, I KNOW this gorgeous smile and driven woman and her growing new team will be joining us on many free Beachbody success trips next year!

Judie, I am sooooo PROUD of you for how well you balance everything, the genuine and passionate heart you give to your clients and coaches and am TRULY soooooo IMPRESSED with your developing team and SUCCESS!!! And most of all, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being such a loving and supportive mom to Raina and Reese.

Diamond Coach Tracy Adams

Profession:  Specialty Level Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Age: 42

Joined:  June 2014

Diamond:   October 2014

When Tracy Chapin Adams joined the Refinery on June 10, 2014 I was SOOOOO EXCITED because she was one the of the very first coaches I REALLY WANTED on my team when I started this business three years ago. And it is true, that the people that you see the have the most potential —-> sometimes take the longest to join your team.

But this girl has been MORE than worth the wait. Here is what I already knew when Tracy joined my team: I knew she was trustworthy and honest because Ive literally known Tracy since we went to high school together back in the late 80’s. I also knew that she was highly intelligent and a self starter as she has thriving career and a masters degree. I also knew she was ambitious and high achiever because she has been at the top of her specialized pharmaceutical sales force for many years. I also knew that she was capable of successfully balancing a lot of people and tasks because I’ve watched over the years this remarkable woman raise her two children, Brooks and Delaney and have a great relationship with her husband, Tom while doing all the other tasks in her life. I knew fitness and healthy eating habits had always been a passion of hers so obviously Beachbody was a natural fit. Everything that I KNEW about Tracy…made her PERFECT for my team!

But here is what I didn’t know and have learned about Tracy in the past four months. Not only is she honest, but she is completely transparent in her heartfelt intentions when dealing with people. She TRULY wants the best for everyone and will work tirelessly to help someone. She is a diligent listener. I can’t believe how many times that when I have struggled with something as she has this way of making my heart feel just right because of how she connects the dots from what she observes and remembers me telling her. She pays complete attention to details. She is in the moment and present more than most people in this world. When she is on team calls she is completely engaged and constantly learning. She is even more animated, adventurous and giddy than I ever knew and it makes every moment with her even more FUN as she is such a LIGHT in my day.

Tracy- I am so proud of and in awe of you girl. You truly do shine BRIGHT like a diamond and I know that you have found the LIGHT that warms your heart and are helping people in a way that is YOUR CALLING. Your customers are blessed to have you guide them and your team of coaches are lucky to have someone as wise, knowledgeable and passionate as you LEAD them. I am very optimistic and excited to be on this journey with you and know that you will be inspiring and leading many people in the years to come.

Diamond Coach Frances Simino

Profession: Certified Holistic Health Coach, IIN

Age: 28

Joined: May 2014

Diamond: October 2014

I met Frances Ruiz Simino in January 2014.   It was a girlfriend love-ship from the very beginning as she had me at, “Maca Root” I met Frances through a mutual friend and quickly learned that she had graduated from the same holistic nutrition school as I did, Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She also already juiced many of the super foods found in Shakeology and had a passion for exercise and leading people to become healthier. She had already helped many friends and family lose weight. Our friendship grew over the months and I loved her integrity, passion and how sincere she was. I WANTED HER ON MY TEAM!!!!

She joined the Refinery in May 2014 and I KNEW that this business was going to be just what she needed both professionally and personally. Frances is a very engaged and loyal mom of three and her relationship with her husband Paul J Simino, is one that is full of support and admiration. But I saw something was missing for her. Frances has a certain “fire” in her belly and “light” in her soul that needed fulfillment OUTSIDE of the home. She needed her OWN thing where she was helping others with her passion on a much BIGGER scale. After a few discussions——> SHE TOOK OFF!!!!

She soaked up and participated in EVERY BIT of training and calls provided. She asked questions and turned the answers—-> IN TO ACTION! She gradually started going out of her comfort zone has continued to see her business grow. I have become particularly close to Frances because not only do Neil and I love hanging out with her and Paul, but she has become my daily work out accountability buddy. Over the past few weeks we have laughed so hard we’ve lost out breath (or maybe that was the INSANITY MAX 30?), been covered in dog hair from lying on my garage carpet doing sit-ups, and have had a lot of “girl talk” on our long post-workout walks together

Frances- you have so much grit girl and that is what I love most about you. You’re feisty, you’re passionate, you’re thoughtful, you’re loyal and you’re DEEP. I appreciate and love our friendship and how much you have done for ME. I love spending time with you. I love your great ideas. I have truly LOVED watching you blossom into a confident and outgoing business woman. I know that you are going to gain more and more momentum!

Diamond Coach Vic Johnson

Profession:  YMCA Sales and Service Lead, Soccer Coach

Age: 47

Joined:  June 2014

Diamond: October 2014

What can I say about VIC JOHNSON?  Well for one he is probably hands down one of the MOST WITTY people I’ve ever known.  He has the kind of one-liners that you remember years later and they still make you laugh.  Vic has a loving way of totalling teasing you making you laugh at yourself. I refer to Vic as the “Pied Piper” because his personality creates such a solid and loyal following of young adults.  He is a GOOD MAN.

Vic is an INCREDIBLE soccer coach.  He knows the sport better than most anyone I know.  He has a savvy eye for stragtic plays and what needs to be mproved.  He has coaches some of the finest <18 club teams in North Carolina.

But lets go back a little farther.  I’ve know Vic since 1990 when he and I met in college in North Carolina, both on soccer scholarships.  Vic and I have remained friends for over 24 years.  We’ve traveled Eurpoe, attended reunions, graduations, a funeral and countless soccer games over the years.  Vic has opened his home to Neil and I several times in Charlotte.    I could go on for HOURS about Vic and all the great memories I have and how much he has enriched my life.

Vic joined my team on June 28, 2014 and went Diamond rank in several months.  He has two GREAT coaches Jan Winnek and ex-European pro soccer player, Rob Dalton.  He has so much influence on the nutrion and conditioning of young athletes and I am so excited to watch his coaching journey continue to grow.

Vic I am so proud of you and thankful that you are a part of this team and you are building a source of income that will continue to grow beyond your dreams while helping so many kids live healthier!

Diamond Coach Malia Lee

Profession: Stay at home Mom

Joined: April 2014

Diamond: February 2015

Malia and I go back about three years when she was my son Reagan’s, pre-school teacher. Everyday I would first see Malia’s SUV in the parking lot, with her HerbaLife sticker on the back window, then I would see Malia. heart emoticon She would frequently comment on my Beachbody shirt and share how much the fitness program, INSANITY changed her life. She lost 20 pounds in 60 days. I would tease her about being an Herbalife rep and tease that if she ever wanted to promote a “clean” shake and the programs she already loved, then she should come join my team. She left the daycare and I didnt see her again…..until a year later.

In April 2014 she messaged me from my website saying she was ready to join my team. I specifically remember reading her words,
“I will be a Diamond Coach and I am a self starter. I want a better life for my family, I want to be home with them. I love health and fitness and want to help others the way Beachbody has helped me. I looked into the ingredients in Herbalife as you suggested, and you were right, it does not have good quality. I decided I could no longer promote it with passion or integrity. So here I am. I’m ready to DO THIS with you, with passion!”

And THAT she did. From day one Malia has shown up. She attended my coach trainings, she watched webinars from other coaches, she asked questions on her market, she found success partners, and when the local Tampa Super Saturday was sold out, she drove two hours to attend the one in Orlando! This girl has thrown out ALL EXCUSES and gets it done!

Malia, I want you to know how PROUD I am of you. 2015 has certainly lit a fire in your heart and the momentum you have created and determination you have is substantial! Thank you for being such a positve light on our team and being willing to do everything that’s asked of you. I am over the moon HAPPY for you girl!!! CONGRATULATIONS DIAMOND COACH—— Malia Lee!!!!!!!

Diamond Coach Holly Creel

Profession:  Director of Nursing, Retired BSN Shands Hospital

Age:  61

Joined: January 2013

Diamond: April 2013

My mom and I are very much TEAM. Obviously, I am actively involved, but what most don’t see is that she has contributed TREMENDOUSLY in her support, guidance, nutritional knowledge, research and personal development insight. She very much, in ALL her supportive efforts and guidance is very much, a DIAMOND GIRL! If it wasn’t for her watching my children, I wouldn’t even be able to attend any of my conferences or go on my free trips. Congratulations mom, I LOVE YOU and thank you for everything you do for me, my family and my team of coaches.  Congratulations!

ONE Star Diamond Coach Seay Stanford (2nd Business Center)

Profession:  Former Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Rep turned Full Time Beachbody Coach

Age: 42

Joined:  July 2011

Diamond:  September 2011

When you achieve a two star rank in your Beachbody business, you can open another business center under YOURSELF.  Basically it is like franchising yourself out and your efforts benefit you financially.  It is a huge rite of passage in your business growth.

The highest rank one can achieve in a business center is 15 Star Diamond.  Once that is achieved the next opportunity for growth is 15 Star Diamond in the SECOND business.

What does a “Coach” do???

The incidence of Obesity is STAGGERING, and getting worse. It’s affecting our children, our health, our economy, and our quality of life. We can change the current projected morbid outcome..together!   People are overwhelmed by what to do to loose weight.  They have tried many quick fixes, only to gain even more weight back.  As a Beachbody coach, we offer SUPPORT.  We lead by example through our own journey, and then lead the way for others.  Its a big task and you aren’t ever doing it alone.  You have a TEAM …my team.  The Refinery.  Refine your health, wealth and quality of life.

Want to to REFINE your life?  Join my team and start making a difference!