Beachbody is launching in the United Kingdom October 21, 2017

About Neil and Seay

The International launch of Beachbody products, services, and business opportunities are finally  a reality on October 19!!!

As the ONLY British/ American couple and Top Beachbody Coaches, we are especially excited about this.  

Neil was born in Birmingham and raised in Norwich, England.  While he moved to the US in 2002, his entire family still resides in the UK.  Seay was born in Belize, a British colony, and moved to the US in 1974.  Seay is a US citizen, and Neil is UK citizen and permanent resident of the US.

We are a 15 Star diamond team (highest rank in Beachbody), and million dollar earners with Beachbody and as an international couple very involved with BOTH countries, couldn't be more excited about this expansion! In this video we share our story, what Beachbody is and what we do as coaches. If you want to be notified as soon as the U.K is open and would like to get to know us, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you!

FIVE Reasons you will want to JOIN OUR TEAM, compared to all the other Beachbody Coaches! 

NO ONE else can offer all of these...

1) We are CAREER coaches. Our Beachbody business is not a side job for us and we have SIX years experience as full time coaches.

2) We have achieved the HIGHEST rank in Beachbody, SuperStar Diamond AND are Million Dollar + + earners. Success follows success.

3) We are the ONLY British-American Top-Coach CoupleNeil Stanford is still a British Citizen and his entire family lives across the UK. Not only do we KNOW your culture, but we are a part of it.

Also, we will BE THERE physically, AND OFTEN, helping you build your team.   NO OTHER TOP COACH WILL DO THAT.  We already visit the UK 3-4x a year...ANYWAY, so it makes sense to choose a Top Coach couple that frequently comes to you.

4) I am theeee BEST at creating value with Shakeology, the #1 Beachbody nutrition continuity product, PERIOD.   The fitness sells itself, and most people need training on how to create value with the consumable products.  I am considered the "Shakeology Guru" and speak on it at company events.  And I teach my team EVERYTHING I know so you build residual income quickly.  You can Google me. ;-P

5) This is more for FUN- but we live in Tampa Bay, Florida!! We have theee best beaches in the world (Clearwater Beach) and Disney is 90 minutes away. Who wouldn't want a coach that lives in Florida, to come visit?! ;-P You can fly direct from Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow to the Sunshine State! 

A Video About Us and What We Can Offer, YOU.

We Want to Meet You!

We will be in the following cities Prior to the launch for meet and greets:

September 1: York

September 2: Birmingham

September 5:  Chelmsford

September 8: Norwich

For the Launch we will be in London:

October 20-23: London

To be included in our exclusive FaceBook launch group and to attend one of our meet and greets, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you via email.

Please include what city you are closest to!

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