by Raina Norwood

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It all started when...

Raina is my 16 year old daughter.  She started to teach herself to read, write and speak Japanese at 13.   She was initially inspired by watching anime but it wasn't long before she fell in love with the Japanese culture, as well.

At 13, she was able to find and use free resources to speak, read and write in Japanese.  She also has become savvy at teaching others how to utilize these free resources so others too can learn.

She fell in love so much with the Japanese culture, that she saved her money to afford to travel there one day. 

She and my husband, Neil traveled to Tokyo in June 2017 and she decided that she wants to live there one day.

She is thinking of being an international business translator or working with the United Nations. At this point, she believes strongly that the "academic" way of learning a foreign language has little educational value and that the ways she has found to teach herself, are both more valuable in content and cost effective.

Currently, she is teaching herself Korean, via Japanese.

Through this journey, Raina has found more effective ways of learning a language for a FRACTION of the cost and for people at ANY AGE.

Let's take a look at the COST to invest in JUST THE RESOURCES to learn a foreign language.....

Rosetta Stone:  $229

Babble: $13/ month

Physical Classes: $100-$150

Online Classes: $100- $500

Computer Programs: Up to $450

Pimsleur:  $150- $450

Text Books: $10- $200

Transparent Language Online: $199

Tutors: $20- $70/ hour

Immersion: $2200- $7500


With Raina, you will learn:

- why the academic way of learning a language is not natural to how we learn.

-  How to use all your language learning senses.

-  What FREE apps and FREE tools will meet your needs, just as well, if not better than all the paid resources above

-  How to USE those apps together, to meet your needs most effectively.

-  What specific critera to look for when choosing a text book to invest in.

-  What other variables to consider when learning not just to speak, but also learning to read and write a language as well.

-  How to make it FUN and NATURAL.

-  and free ways to utilize IMMERSION.

All of these TIME and MONEY SAVING hacks she has put together in a simple 5 day email series JUST FOR YOU!

This series is great for anyone, at any age looking to learn a new language, as well as students taking a language in school and needing extra help.

For a 15 year old (at the time of recording) Raina delivers a mature and well spoken content for adults to engage and follow, while she is also youthful and playful enough for younger students to relate to.

Are you EXCITED to get started?! 

Finally an affordable and highly effective way to learn a language all from your mobile device!

Raina's five day course is a ONE TIME value of just $14.99.

Simply PAYPAL Raina {{ send as a Paypal gift to friends and family }} and then email me that you are paid in full and ready to start, and once confirmed, I will send you the link to opt in!


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 Raina in Japan, June 2017

Raina in Japan, June 2017