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Unleash Your Inner LEADER! - Part 3


 Bonnie Engle… 14 min



Lindsay Matway… 20 min



Jamie & Kim Fitzpatrick… 31 min



Seay Stanford… 17 min

Seay’s Shakeology Ingredient Video:



Miguel Carrasco… 26 min



 Jamie & Kim Fitzpatrick… 25 min





Unleash Your Inner LEADER! - Part 2


SATURATION Myths • Abundance • Mindset
Jamie & Kim Fitzpatrick… 28 min



WHAT are you saying WITHOUT saying it?
 Bonnie Engle… 27 min

Self Approval.png


11 BADASS words to use to Create AWESOME Connections
Seay Stanford… 24 min

Here is the CHEAT SHEET to follow along...



Lindsay Matway… 12 Min



your business!
Seay & Bonnie… 31 min



My answer to: 
"Do I HAVE to get the Shakeology?"  
Seay Stanford… 5 min

Sometimes i think its so easy to look at a top coach/ the leaders in this page like Lindsay MatwayMiguel CarrascoSeay Eyles Stanford,Kim FitzpatrickJamie Fitzpatrick OR on another team and say...WELL its so easy for them , they have a huge following OR think that we didnt start at the same place as everyone and FRANKLY use it as a cop out to not keep going !

THIS is one of my VERY FIRST posts from when I started three years ago a couple weeks ago and i was posting up a STORM , with little traction, virtually no friends, living away from anyone i ever knew but i kept going , i held the vision, i followed the training :-) 

I posted BADDDD, wrong photos, poor wording , pictures of just my shakeology bag , people sad no, I word vommited all over people, I did everything I tell you guys not to do and i LEARNED by FAILURE and trail and error and I KEPT SHOWING UP everyday , without fail kept the vision in my head.

EVERYONE started from SCRATCH! including me! the only difference is TIME and CONSISTENCY!

THE KEY HERE IS I JUST STARTED. I didnt compare , I didnt get sad because not alot of people were responding , i thought THIS is part of the journey and if i want to succeed I have to keep going. SOOO many people fail because they just give up for no other reason than their own HEAD! MAKES ME SO MAD! if i had a nickel for every failed post, message, picture, invite, person quitting and i let it stop me , no one would even be in this team page!!!!!

IT’s NOT ABOUT BEING THE BEST or knowing everything its about FREAKING STARTING AND KEEP GOING. everyone started from somewhere. 

Seay Stanford adds....Haha The STRUGGLE WAS REAL!! !#ICringeLookingBack
Bad Graphics, Sounds super salesey, Stock photos...horrible text...
i had been a coach for 7 months here....TWO likes HAHA! No where to go but UP!




Unleash Your Inner LEADER! - Part 1

Welcome to the



Why soooo vulgar?? LOL  Because if you are doing this MINDSET series you better BRACE YOURSELF for some CEO thinking truth bombs and tough love talk.  It's not designed to be MEAN, but we are here to 
EMPOWER you to think more like a CEO and BELIEVE and ACT like the  BADASS you are!

SO let's start this off with your first overall TRUTH BOMB and what you NEED to hear, not what
you WANT to hear!

Some TRUTH BOMBS are coming at ya. 💣

Are you ready to listen? Ok, brace yourself.

1. What worked in the past may not always continue to work. Cold FORM'ing doesn't work. People know it's coming and they are tired of Network Marketers inundating social media. Have a point of reference before you invite a stranger. Point of references can be a LIKE on your post or Like Page, a comment on a pic of yours, a follow on FB and IG, participating in a free group. WHATEVER it is, people don't want to be sold. They want to know you care first.

2. Freemiums (e-books, meal plans) are good but mean nothing if there isn't No. 1 first.

3. Do you truly know who you are? If you don't, you don't know who you even want to attract.

4. Story telling is KEY on Social Media. We have a million stories to share so stop sharing the same one over and over. Find different angles. But you must be speaking to your target audience.

5. Get uncomfortable and share your vulnerabilities. But that means nothing if you aren't making the stories relate to you audience. Because you need to be THEIR GUIDE through what you've already experienced. Use words and phrases like - I've been there. I was her. I know how you feel.

6. Don't try to motivate people. Find motivated people. Read that 183729292 times over. Are you post trying to motivate people or are you speaking to motivated people. Want to know what the secret sauce is to finding business builders? I just told you.

7. Don't default to intensity, default to consistency. You can never catch up and gain momentum if you are hustling only he last few days of the month. Income growth comes at the beginning of the month, middle of month and end of the month. Not just one of them.

8. Brand yourself to remove yourself from the crowd.

9. Being stuck is a mindset. It takes :: clap clap 👏 👏 :: a second to unstick yourself. You're just wasting time if you stay there.

10. Invest in your business. Are you investing in PD, ads training?

11. Stop taking yourself too seriously! Have fun, project good energy and SMILE while you work. It makes a hell of a difference!

Evaluate yourself. Be HONEST with yourself. Then fix, adjust or change.

Let's go Leaders. We need you!

WHAT RATIO ARE YOU IN?  Bonnie Engle… 6 min




Seay Stanford… 22 min



Lindsay Matway… 14 min

Build Momentum.png


Lindsay Matway… 13 min

Discovering the DRIVE or WHY within you to keep your Motivation STRONG
Seay Stanford… 13 min



 Jamie & Kim Fitzpatrick… 17 min



Miguel Carrasco… 25 min



FIGHT for what you want NOW, or FIGHT
against what you don't want LATER!
Miguel Carrasco… 36 min




How to Position Gyms, Trainers and Beachbody


How Fitness Instructors can be successful 
Beachbody Coaches… 5 min

Why Beachbody Coaching is a Slam Dunk for Personal Trainers by Trina Gray… 7 min

You can also Become a Certified Beachbody
Program Instructor… 1 min



Bridging Team Beachbody With Personal Trainers call by Trina Gray… 60 min

Here is a little about Trina Gray:

Mom of two, married for 15 years 
Former journalist. 
Opened a full service, 14 sq foot gym at age 29.(10 years ago!)
Opened second facility 4 years ago.
Created my own Corporate Fit Challenge sold world wide. 
National presenter (in fitness & in business!) I even spoke to the largest gathering of the furniture store owners last summer in Vegas. Ha!

Personal trainer, group ex instructor
Small town girl, big heart 
Beachbody millionaire earner, CAB, 2 time elite, superstar diamond, founder of team rockstar fit ....
I love fitness, but I'm an entrepreneur at heart! Live in beautiful northern Michigan



Bridging Team Beachbody With the Health
Club Industry

This video was recorded with a bad connection at one point, for a few minutes.  Hang tight, it gets better after several minutes....

Don Murphy is a 5 Star Beachbody Coach and own the largest Golds Gym in America. He shares how to position Beachbody with Gyms...

From Don Murphy:
I'm getting ready to launch the Beachbody On Demand Training Zone at Gold's Gym Newburgh, NY within the next week or two (was hoping for last month, but had a few delays). To view the landing page we created and how the zone is structured, click here:

Our gym has roughly 11,000 members, many of whom need a PLAN when it comes to their workouts and nutrition. I'm hopeful the On Demand Zone will help many of them and prove itself worth it in the coming months. I promise to keep everyone posted as it unfolds. In the meantime, here's a few common Qs I've received from many different coaches (and friends and fellow gym owners):

1. Am I afraid people will quit my gym and choose to work out at home when they get a taste of Beachbody? No. Many either don't have the space or preference for gym equipment at home OR they enjoy the motivating environment and community bonds that are formed in the gym (but it would be nice if corporate immediately stopped all messaging that makes comparisons to gym memberships in their ads and's time to move past this).

2. Am I concerned our personal trainers will get upset with our On Demand Zone? A few will. But they'll quickly learn to accept it with the knowledge and understanding that thousands of members who need a PLAN can't afford personal training AND that Beachbody workouts are great ones for trainers to "prescribe" to their clients when they can't get to the gym OR when their clients don't want to pay for training every time they work out. Thank goodness for online "coaching" that will enable them to expand their tool box and ability to help clients even more, including new potential clients beyond the 4 walls of their gym. They will be able to grow their incomes and professional careers (as Vito La Fata and Trina Gray are well aware).

3. Will it boost awareness of nutrition planning and Shakeology in the gym? Absolutely. In fact, we're now building a new nutrition office in the gym for one-on-one consultations with members using the Portion Fix Eating Plan as our official nutrition platform. Ultimate Reset, 3-Day Refresh, and the Performance Line will also be woven into the equation when appropriate.

4. Will Shakeology sales in our gym continue to increase? For sure. Between ready-made Shakeology shakes sold at our shake bar and bags sold via retail, we're currently going through 40 to 50 bags per month. It would be fantastic if corporate considered an infrastucture that allowed for gym owners to buy Shakeology in bulk for the purpose of making shakes at their juice bars. Perhaps 5 gallon drums of Shakeology wiith a small cost break??

OPPORTUNITY to Consider: Imagine the amount of potential growth that would unfold for corporate and the entire coach network if there was a new division of Beachbody or at least a "health club coach advisory board" that focused on health clubs and appropriate messages/marketing that could successfully penetrate thousands more of them. Imagine would it would do to the demand for Beachbody Live formats in gyms. Imagine would it would do for your business volume and the volume of the entire coach network if thousands of gyms came on board during the next 5 years. Imagine the new levels of success that could be realized by Beachbody, with roughly 55 million people in the U.S. (17% of the population) currently belonging to their local gym or fitness center. And most importantly, imagine how many more people we'd be HELPING. Beachbody would have to build another Shakeology factory (or two) in the U.S. and Canada alone. :-)



REFINERY DIAMOND Call on APPLYING what Don Murphy Shares -Plan of Action… 58 min




Dynasty Income Surge – Part 2


Video Six: Morgan Rieger

How to Read Your Paycheck... 19 min



Video Seven: Nikki Johnson

Building with a STRONG LEG vs Building with EVEN LEGS... 19 min



Video Eight: Brittany LeGette

Setting effective INCOME GOALS... 39 min



Video Nine: Laura Mendenhaull

Rebuilding & Reigniting after a DIP... 44 min



Video Ten: Becka Robinson

What it REALLY looks like to get to $1,000 a Week... 22 min




Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.




Dynasty Income Surge – Part 1

Dynasty Income Surge.png

Hey Hey!!! WELCOMEEEE!!!!

In our BEST Jerry Maguire Impression- repeat after me..."Show Me the Money!!!" 
Because honestly- we don't TALK about it anymore so people don't BELIEVE it's right under them!!!

INCOME- Any time you apply for a job its ONE of TWO things you want to KNOW. What can I make?????

The second is CAN I DO THIS JOB? In this INCOME SURGE we are going to break down the Comp Plan, share tips on how it all works, what to do to MAXIMIZE your income all while CREATING MASSIVE BELIEF that YOU CAN DO THIS TOO by sharing stories of New Coaches have CRAZY success!!!! 

We are excited to HAVE you here and be prepared to have your MIND BLOWN!! This group is HOSTED by coaches that have built financial success, but that CARE ABOUT YOU building YOURS and believing in the GOLD MINE of opportunity we are all sitting on!!!

WHO's READY?!!!!!!

And to keep the FTC happy...

Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach
Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. :-)

How to Advance in Rank… 8 min

How to Earn Commissions & Bonuses… 8 min

How to Earn Team Cycle Bonuses… 7 min



Video One: Miguel Carrasco




Video Two: Lindsay Matway


In this business a successful mindset cannot be "I'll BELIEVE it when I SEE it!" --- it has to be, "I BELIEVE it -- and because I am willing to WORK for it -- I KNOW I will SEE it!"
This note was written 34 DAYS after I actively started working my business as a coach... & this is the paycheck I earned that exact week. 
In the words of Henry Ford, "Whether you BELIEVE you CAN or believe you CANNOT... EITHER WAY, YOU ARE RIGHT!"



Video Three: Seay Stanford

How to ROCK your Retail Business and Earn Money, NOW!… 43 min



Video Four: Brigitte Linford

Building with your SPOUSE on your WEAK LEG... 27 min

Funny thing about live videos..... sometimes you forget to say some of the things you want to mention. ;-)

Guys, it was definitely a stretch to sign up my husband as a coach. And that second coach account was NOT bringing in the money to justify it for quite some time. 

But like a piece of prime real estate that you invest in - I am SUPER grateful I signed him up right away and secured that spot. NOW - it's over a second figure income for us IN THAT ACCOUNT ALONE. 

**Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. ;-)

But know this - it's not a six figure income cuz Jayson is rocking coach sign ups! Nope - Jayson has 15 personally sponsored coaches. But because I was SMART and INTENTIONAL about coach placement, in the very way I explained below in my video - he has INCREDIBLE team volume underneath his account. 

Just to show a few screenshots here of this one week. I need to be better in mentoring Jayson to grow his rank lol ;-). But as Jayson's rank grows - the income potential at this point is over 4 grand a week in HIS account alone from just team volume bonuses. 

So am I GRATEFUL now that I saw the bigger vision?? You better believe it! 

Does what I'm teaching you in coach placement work? YES it does. 

Now guys, the message of today comes down to this - the opportunity you have to have TWO coach business centers per household is unheard of in this industry. Take advantage of that. And REGARDLESS of where you place your spouse, you can MAXIMIZE that scenario and build a successful business. 

Now go build this thing and have FUN and be a smart business owner who's INTENTIONAL about growth!!!



Video Five: Lindsay Stay

Breaking down VOLUME into GOALS... 23 min