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What to consider when you start your own business

Where can you be FINANCIALLY, four years from right now???

You are here because you have a desire to earn more income.   Like me, your probably are willing to WORK and SACRIFICE for that lifestyle, but you also want to know that it is affordable, brings significance, freedom of lifestyle and/ or  can create success.  

I share this breakdown with you, because I have TRIED ALL FOUR of the major ways to build a lucrative career.  This is important because you will have people DOUBT the network marketing business model.  I had those people.  heck, I even was one for a very long time.  

Let's look at the four main options you have to build the rest of your life in four years...





I’ve done them ALL so can first hand- share this insight and experience with you……

<< And this perspective may completely change the way you invest in how you spend your next four years. >>

I want to take you on a look back on how I have invested four years.  You may even be doing some of these RIGHT NOW.... 


In this four year investment I earned a Bachelors degree. I gained knowledge, life long friends, and graduated with a career at a psychiatric hospital making 20% over minimum wage. I was lucky- most of my friends spent months looking for employment after graduation. I had 80k in student loan debt and it took me ten years to pay it off. I would do college all over again, as it helped me become who I am today, but as far as the return for those four years, it was a financial loss. I don’t even USE the specialty I spent four years learning.

We go into college committing to a 4 years plan, with dreams to find a good career working 40 hours a week for the next 40 years…..which leads me to:


After college I worked for several Fortune 500 companies. First, Enterprise Rent A Car earning my up to Branch Manager, and then most notably, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals. They gave me a free car, fuel, and computer. They also gave me a good salary and incentive for bonus. All the perks were luxurious and appreciated. The luxury perks also tightened the "corporate handcuffs" on the lifestyle I grew to expect. So I stayed....
They also owned my time and knew I needed this career with all of it's perks. The longer you stay, the harder it is to walk away. So you sacrifice. 

I missed a lot of my two daughter’s little years. They were in daycare from 6 weeks old. When I was home, I was usually too tired to play with them.

We had money for vacations, but rarely had the time or energy to take them. My husband and I took “stay-cations” to catch up on projects around the house and just relax. I also used most of my vacation days to stay home with my sick daughters as day care often made them sick more often, than healthy. It also took a toll on my marriage. My then husband and I were “burning the wick” at both ends and eventually, we became emotionally disconnected. 

Additionally, in those four years, every time there was a company re-alignment, merger or buy out, I never knew if I’d keep my job. As co-workers, we were competing against one another for promotions and it got really ugly and cut throat at times. It wasn't always a positive environment. I pushed to be a high performer strictly out of fear, not inspiration. I knew the best chances of job security came from being a top producer. So I had to do more than the others were willing. And even with great numbers, top corporate producers earn an average of a 3% raises every year. 

I will add this, change is inevitable in ANY industry. Many of us are being replaced by technology. For my industry, the FDA created more restrictions on pharmaceutical reps, and I wasn’t secure my industry would be around. I realized no jobs are ever “safe”.
I have never been a slacker, but I remember the thinking after four years waking up to the alarm clock in Corporate America, could I really live like this for another 40 years? 

After the sun set on my corporate career I was highly motivated to run a business on my own terms. I didn't want a BOSS and I wanted freedom and to call my own shots. By societies standards, my husband and I did the next most accepted option….
In 2010 we launched our own business, Stanford Motor Vehicles. It was a small used car lot. 
That business cost us 30k to start by the time we leased a building, paid for the license, insurance, accountants, furniture, tags, advertising and of course, buying a few cars to sell. 
Our over head every month was several thousand before we earned a penny profit. There were some months that we lost money and couldn't pay either our business or personal bills. That sucked. 

We had a ton of financial risk and we had to be there all the time. If we didn’t work, we didn’t get paid. And we couldn’t afford to outsource anything. We did everything from washing the cars, the paperwork, the advertising, going to the auctions to find cars, customer service, website, etc. 
We had autonomy, but it took years to finally earn money after paying back the 30k loan and all the credit card debt we accrued for all the months of losses in the beginning.
Four years later, although Stanford Motor Vehicles is finally profitable, it hasn’t given us the freedom or income we had hoped owning a private business would.

So where did I find the highest return for my time, while creating the quality of life I longed for? The next four years....

Ok- I’m going to be brutally honest. 

- I once thought network marketing was for losers that couldn’t get real jobs. 

- I thought the model was a joke. Not because I knew it to be, but that I had heard it to be. (People that fail in this industry create the most vocal noise and spread more negativity and excuses than successful people. Why? The successful people are too busy WORKING on their BUSINESS!!!)

- I thought people couldn’t really make decent money. I mean, not like the “REAL” money I was earning at my pharmaceutical career.

At my FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY in my Network Marketing Investment and compared to my previous “four year investments” I can say this:

- Network marketing doesn’t give a CRAP what you did in your past. Whether you are a college educated top performer in corporate America or a high school dropout waiting tables. It doesn’t care if you are 25 or 75. If people have the vision, passion, consistency and drive, I’ve seen them succeed. Your past and age does not define you. 

- Compared to what I experienced with Stanford Motor Vehicles (and college), the start up cost in Beachbody is minimal. Like under $200, period. You can start earning from your very first sale. To think of what I spent on my degree and starting up our car lot, that little amount is negligible. So even if you don’t plan on leaving your current career, or if you are a stay at home mom, you can still augment your household income by several hundred dollars a month, and who couldn’t use that?

- My family has more FREEDOM than we ever imagined. So much to the point that we lived in Europe for THREE MONTHS the winter of 2015, while continuing to run my business. Just because we COULD. WHO ELSE DO YOU KNOW HAS DONE THAT????

- Unlike college, after THIS four year investment, I have no debt and a great business to show for my four years of effort. And, an income that with time and consistency, has grown into the top 1% in all of American households. And here I thought pharma was the dream income….

- Network Marketing has changed from what it USED to be. As medicine, technology and hopefully YOU have evolved over the years, so has the network marketing industry. It’s truly a brilliant business model now. 

I am not sharing this to brag or dis what you do. I am sharing to ENLIGHTEN you on what is out there. I’ve BEEN THERE- I’ve invested four years of my life for a degree, for a career and for a dream of owning my own business. I can say from my own PERSONAL LIFE EXPERIENCE, that an opportunity to have TIME, MONEY and FREEDOM exists in a way that you may not realize. It’d be selfish to not share what’s possible, with you.

Let’s pretend that today could be your DAY ONE. You are going to be FOUR YEARS from now anyway. Are you investing your time and effort into something:

- that gives you purpose and are passionate about?
- has unlimited earning? 
- you can pass on to your children? 
- you can build all from your mobile phone?

If you answered “No” to any of the above, and want MORE out of life, I want to be a part of your next FOUR YEAR JOURNEY. My entrepreneur training is TOP NOTCH and the Success of my team speaks for itself. 

Where will you be four years from now?

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Seay Stanford