Zucchini Pesto Pasta 

with Grilled Shrimp and Salmon

(from the kitchen of Holly Creel)

Low Carb Veggie pasta

Low Carb Veggie pasta

- Take several zucchini and shred using this handy tool "Veggetti" from Bed Bath and Beyond to make "Pasta".  It runs about $15 and may also be found at Walgreens or CVS.   Add in and mix Olive oil and Pesto (I used store bought).  Set aside.

- Saute Cherry tomatoes, snap peas and pine nuts (you can use ANY veggies you like).  Once done, toss in and lightly HEAT and MIX in the Zucchini so that its all mixed in and warm.  (Not too long or the Zucchini gets soggy).

For the Meat:

- I used Shrimp and Salmon, but you can use anything.  I put the shrimp on skewers so it was easier to turn over.  I sprinkled both with Fiesta Lime Seasoning and fresh lime and grilled both until done.

- Place meat on top of "Pasta" dish and garnish with Parley and Avocado (or anything that suits you!)

Enjoy!  The recipe is also 21 Day FIX approved if measured with the colored containers for great weight loss results!!   :-)

Veggie Pasta shredder

Veggie Pasta shredder