I am totally not saying this to be mean, so please understand my position. PLEASE understand that I am NOT the Shakeology FAQ. I am not a Shakeology corporate trainer. I am not the help desk here to answer coach questions. I am just like you, a coach trying to help her customers, train her team, build a business and balance it with my own health and family time.

I appreciate that you feel confident in me answering your questions, but I could literally spend HOURS every day answering coach questions for the network. I empower you to do as I did, and as I teach my own coaches to do, and that's to raise your level of knowledge and find your answer. There are FIVE resources which I have my own team do:

1) Use the search tool on my website to query your specific topic. I may already have a blog post on it. 2) Use the FAQ 3) Go through the Shakeology training section in your COO or your MyShakeology website.  Theres a TON there! 4) Ask your Star Diamond sponsor for guidance, he/she can be found in your back office under your sponsors name. 5) Scan my You Tube channel for my training videos and nutrition tips.

To keep my sanity and stay focused on my tasks and team, I regretfully am not able to answer your questions. I know the answers are out there, as I too, have learned through my own diligent searching. There are no short cuts. You'll find by doing it the diligent way, you will learn even more than you bargained for and become even more empowered and your belief in Shakeology will become even stronger. Again, not being mean, but Im sure you all can appreciate my position, and I believe it will make you a stronger coach in the long run!