You had me at "HOME". That's what I said to my friend after seeing her home Beachbody office 4 years ago. I became coach that very evening. I didn't know what I'd have to actually do as a "coach", but I knew where I wanted to be sitting every Monday morning. Anywhere I WANT.

Seventeen years I got up and went to work after a holiday weekend. I didn't want to get up on a Monday, especially after a glorious family holiday, and plug back into my JOB. The traffic, the monotony, and the hours driving in my car doing sales calls.

I wanted to wake up by my passion- not my alarm. Be driven by my heart, not my obligations. Earn money doing what matters, not what was in a description.

Never would I have thought careers like this existed. If I hadn't seen someone else do it myself, I wouldn't have even believed it. Since I became a coach, not only has this become my daily office- but so has living in Europe for three months this past winter. It's all possible.

I'm so thankful that I finally didn't lead finding my next career with my resume, but with my DREAMS.

You may not be physically here with me right now. But I'm showing you what's possible for your Monday morning commute.

If I "Had you at home" too then ask yourself--> Why Not? It may be the one bold and fearless choice that changes the entire course of your future...

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