Macaroni and Cheese Yellow Dye
Macaroni and Cheese Yellow Dye

<< PARENTS >> When was the last time your child ate macaroni and cheese? If your children are like mine, it is one of their FAVORITE meals, right?!!! I believe that all parents want to do the BEST they can for their children, but often times we make choices for them purely out of rush or lack of knowledge. I want to share with you ONE little tip today when it comes to food additives and your child....and that is: The food dye, "Yellow #5, Yellow #6 and Yellow Tartrazine".

The "cheesy" neon-orange color in most store-bought mac and cheese is a result of this dangerous yellow dye made from coal tar, which is also used to seal-coat and preserve products like shiny industrial floors as well as to kill bugs in lice shampoo. Studies have linked this artificial food coloring to allergies, ADHD, cancer and increased tumors in kidneys and adrenal glands in animals, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. It has also been shown to cause chromosomal damage, as well.

Its not just found in Mac and Cheese, but also American cheese, Candy, carbonated beverages, and lemonade to name a few.

But hey, no need to fear! There is an EASY and SAFE solution Pick an organic brand! That means no added artificial colors, no dairy from cows treated with synthetic hormones, and no genetically modified ingredients. Too easy right?! We all can easily turn a package over and spot this nasty little ingredient in any store bought candy, food, etc. And as consumers, we have a right to buy or not buy what we want. The power lies in having the knowledge to make the informed decision for ourselves.