Women Who Eat Clean Look Younger and Have Energy to Spare!   Clean Eating is one of those terms that people use and aren't really sure what it means.  I have many clients say, "Oh I eat so healthy and clean" only to realize after participating in my free online Five Day group, that they really learned a lot!

Seay Stanford Clean eating
Seay Stanford Clean eating

What do I give you that other people that offer similar groups can not?

  1.  I am certified in holistic nutrition and health coaching.  I have graduated from a year long study of foods, chemicals and how they affect your body.  I understand nutrition more than many coaches that run similar free groups.
  2. I spent ten years of my career promoting pharmaceutical medications to doctors and specialists.  I have sold medications for depression, anxiety, Type 2 Diabetes, Antibiotics, and Pain: both Acute and Chronic.  I have subscriptions to medical journals like JAMA and read a lot of the most recent research.  I also understand the underpinnings of how our government and big corporations work together to approve chemicals in our US food for financial gain.  Point being, not only do I understand MANY common diseases, the pharmacokinetics of drugs/chemicals and how your body reacts to them.  I also know how your lifestyle changes and food choices can play a part in your wellness.
  3. I am a top leader in my business.  I am a company speaker/trainer on our #1 nutritional product.  My company respects my leadership, knowledge and experience enough to train other coaches in my organization.  You are in the best hands!
  4. I have lived in Europe and have seen the difference in foregin government standards for what's is allowed in foods and the difference it makes in a culture.
  5. My content is original.  I am not "refurbishing" content from a book  and presenting clean eating content as my own.  Instead, I am sharing my own thoughts, personal experience, passion, ongoing research and knowledge with YOU.  My group is fun, easy to understand, conversational, and I am educated to answer your questions.  And because I've not  copied and pasted someone else's material from a magazine or book to you, can can trust that I can help you best with your questions.

What you can GET:

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 4.42.47 PM
Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 4.42.47 PM
  1. Weight Loss! Most participants in my group lose anywhere from 3-5 pounds in the week as they learn what chemicals in foods actually keep them from losing weight.
  2. More energy!  As you eliminate foods that slow you down and replace with cleaner versions, you will be amazed at how much better you feel!
  3. You won't get a complete OVERHAUL, unless you want to.  I take the philosophy that baby steps are best and that knowledge is power.  As you learn how to make small changes in your food choices, it becomes easier to eliminate things not because you will HAVE to, but an understanding to that you WANT to!  Food shopping gets easier and easier!
  4. You will get one to two DAILY posts over the course of six days.  Each post only takes about 10 minutes to read.  I will also provide great lifestyle tips, as well as documentaries to watch once the group is over and easy recipes to make.
  5. You will FEEL better!  You will notice more mental clarity and focus.  You may even sleep better.  You will love how you start to feel once you eliminate chemicals that slow you down.  You will wonder how you ever accepted feeling "old and sluggish".

Because of my certification, I am able to charge up to $70 an hour for my clean eating education and $100 for a "pantry makeover", but I am offering this value to YOU for FREE!  Why?  Because I believe that sometimes it takes someone having faith in showing you the way first, to help build confidence in you to make a lifestyle change.

I KNOW that my group will change your mind and your families health, for the BETTER!  It starts on Sept 21!


Here is a SNEAK PEEK of what you will get:  What is Clean Eating by Seay Stanford

Here are some testimonies from previous clients:

Clean Eating Seay Stanford
Clean Eating Seay Stanford
Is Clean eating Expensive
Is Clean eating Expensive