WELL HERE GOES.... I posted about a McDonalds happy meal I've had for three years that hadn't changed a bit. It hadn't molded, bugs hadn't eaten it...nothing.

Of COURSE there is ONE PERSON in every bunch that has to chime in with "all the answers". Several others said that McDonalds had since changed their formula to be more "natural" since the happy meal I bought 3 years ago. Some said, that ALL BURGERS dehydrate and won't rot. That I was being unfair and misrepresenting McDonalds.

So I figured, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. On April 11, 2016 I bought both a Happy Meal and a BurgerFi combo meal and set them both outside on my porch in the Florida humidity for 30 days.

BurgerFi charges more for their beef because they claim there are no added preservatives. Happy Meals say they are 100% safe and are the most fed kid's fast food in the US.

- Neither of the fries decayed.

- The organic apple from BurgerFi  browned the moment I cut it and was decayed as this picture shows within 3 days. The McDonalds apples didnt brown for 12 days, but did eventually.

- Neither of the buns decayed. Meaning they have been treated with Azodicarbonamide. Europe and Australia ban the use of azodicarbonamide because it is a “respiratory sensitizer” that can cause asthmatic and other allergic reaction. (probably exactly why the bread in Europe molded within 2 days when we lived there) In Singapore, the use of azodicarbonamide in food products can lead to a lengthy jail sentence.

In the US azodicarbonamide is considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA. So there ya go.

- The McDonalds beef and cheese still did nothing and nothing ate it in 30 days. The BurgerFi burger and cheese had a white film and bugs over it in 3 days and by day 30 was overgrown with mold.

Are all Burgers created equal? You tell me. Personally, I would pay the extra 5$ and eat something that at least rots, eat it without the bun and pass on the fries. And maybe have a glass of wine instead.

People will question the safety of superfoods with no FDA "blessing", complain about the cost of medicine, yet quickly spend money on iPhones, handbags, fancy nails and car speakers while turning their nose up and scoff at the price of quality foods that need to fuel a human body for 70 years.

Call me crazy but I'd rather pay the Farmer instead of the Pharmacy