Why Your Doctor May Not be a Nutrition Expert by JAMA

Things that make you go Hmmmmm...šŸ˜³šŸ˜³šŸ˜³

This morning I'm reading the Journal of American Medicine, one of the most reputable published journals in the medical / physician community, and had to STOP šŸšØ to share this SHOCKING viewpoint with you....

- Of ALL the medical schools in America, less than 25% have ANY nutrition class requirements for their medical students.

Now get this...

- Of the 25% of schools that DO offer nutrition education, it totals less than 19 hours over 10 years of medical school, if you are a family doctor. Even LESS if you are a specialist, as in a cardiologist, endocrinologist or ob/gyn.

THAT'S LESS THAN  .1% of nutrition education in ALL of medical school!! And again, that's ONLY of the schools that actually DO require nutrition. šŸ˜³

Intrigued? Now consider this irony....šŸ‘‡šŸ»šŸ‘‡šŸ»šŸ‘‡šŸ»

- Poor nutrition is the LEADING cause of morbidity in the United States.

- Over 70% of adults are now obese or overweight.

- Yet the PUBLIC considers physicians to be among the MOST TRUSTED source for nutrition- related information!

Ironic huh??? šŸ˜‰

I have said for years that we can not put ALL of our health issues in the hands of our physician. They are trained to treat with pills, not nutrition. They should not have the final answer. That is of no fault of theirs. That is just how western medicine is designed. The take away here is this:

- Being certified in a year long dedicated course in holistic nutrition, I do know that many health issues can be reduced, if not resolved, with the right nutrition.

- Have faith in your physician for your treatment. But realize they are limited in knowledge when it comes to Ingredients, Food Chemicals, Nutrition and treatments protocols involving specific diets. Their opinion should not be the end of the road for you. It's up to YOU, to do your diligence.

- Avoid all unnatural chemicals, eat whole foods, buy local, and buy organic when possible or affordable. Understand by googling the power of adaptogens, Phytonutrients, probiotics, digestive enzymes and certain superfoods and how by eating more of them, you can improve your health, energy, sleep, focus, regularity and weight.

In medical school, the first line treatment for MANY ailments, is "diet and exercise". Yet we ironically skip over that part......

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