Why I Chose Seay as my Beachbody Coach by Vicki Wright

A little over a year ago, I was trying to get back on track with my health and fitness journey. I had lost some weight, but I didn't feel like I had really made the lifestyle changes to make it stick. I was looking for something or someone to guide and influence me into the transition I wanted and needed to make.

As I was trying to lose weight before meeting Seay, I purchased used versions of both Insanity and T25 from eBay. I now cringe when I admit this, because I understand how important it is to have a relationship with your Beachbody coach in order to fully make the programs and workouts effective. Of course, you can do it on your own, like I did in the beginning...but, it's so much easier and pleasant when you hook up with a coach who communicates with you and cares about your success.

Additionally, as a freelance writer, I had seen how unstable my career was when I had to drop everything and take care of my mom when she had a stroke. Yes, my loyal clients stuck with me and were there when I could return to work and focus on career priorities. But, in the meanwhile, some of my newer clients moved on to other writers who were more available for them during that time period, understandably. So, I was totally open to new career opportunities that offered more.

Fast forward a few months: somehow, I had stumbled upon Seay's Facebook profile and noticed how impassioned she was about Beachbody and her coaching career. She had an amazing transformation and I envied her! I followed her posts for a couple of months before I reached out to her and asked to be taken in under her wing. However, I wondered how this whole coach/customer thing would really work, since I lived in Kansas and she was in Florida. She guaranteed me it didn't matter.

To cut to the chase, here are the five major reasons I chose Seay to be my coach:

1) Her journey was successful. She was completely transparent with her fitness progress. Her photos weren't all perfect -- she showed her least favorite ones at her heavier weights -- along with the ones that showed her toned and trim. She didn't brag about how easy it was. And, she showed vulnerability and genuineness when she confessed to gaining a few pounds back and slacking on her workouts. She was just like me. Except her progress was a little more complete than mine was.

2) She is relatable. We all have succumbed (or wanted to succumb) to drastic measures to lose weight. She tried the HCG shots, which were terrible for her. Previously, I had used Phentermine to lose weight...knowing it was awful for my health. I didn't feel so bad for having tried something ridiculous to shed the weight and look the way I wanted to look. She had been there, too. She also tells that she doesn't get up in the morning all excited to work out. She'd much rather do other fun stuff -- even though she knows how good exercise is for her. I like a good workout after it's done -- but, it's hell getting started sometimes. She gets it!

3) Seay knows her nutrition. Unlike many coaches who are workout maniacs, Seay really knows the food side of health. Not just losing weight -- but, being healthy. She's a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She can help you find nutritious alternatives to your favorite foods, which help you shed fat as you work out. I'm a terrible eater and didn't really understand how much food adds to the equation. A long time ago, I counted calories and would save some up for treats -- like cookies, candy or pizza. Or, beer. LOL! I didn't realize that all calories were not created equal. But, when I started to learn that foods aren't just about calories, I was lost. I needed someone to help guide me about how to make healthier choices and understand how food would shape my body. As we first started out, I know she shook her head at some of my questions about foods allowed on the 21 Day Fix -- but, she hung in there with and worked to help me find foods I liked for the plan. (I'm not really a veggie girl -- but, we figured out some new ways to fix them that I actually like!)

4) She had a strategy. So many people just tell you to do what they do. But, when you watch them, they don't really seem to have a clue, either. They flounder through life and move from decision to decision without much direction behind their motivations. Seay isn't like that. She establishes a plan with a goal in mind. She will help you change your lifestyle with baby steps that result in BIG results. Additionally, because I was VERY interested in the coaching business opportunity, I did some research about what she had to offer new coaches. I was floored! She had the whole system mapped out in a way that a new coach could take on her business model as a template for her own and run with it, for the most part. Her duplicatible system for the business is easy to understand and allows for your own customization as you go along -- but, it's proven to be successful time and time, again. Her team had a culture that was ultimately positive and supportive. She branded her business very well. Her leadership is strong and she guides through example. Her goals are easily identifiable. Basically, she's got her shit together. That appealed to me a lot!

5) I liked her personality. We connected. Anyone who knows me very well at all will probably say that I'm a smartass. Oh, on Facebook, some people think I'm sweet and kind. But, in person, I'm sarcastic and love to crack jokes. The first time I did a Zoom call with Seay, I realized that she was the same way. She loves to laugh, enjoys life and is a smartass. But -- more than that -- she is confident and capable. Her work ethic is amazing, which shows through her business. She's a dreamer and goal chaser. But, she's pragmatic and real as she goes about her life. There's the saying that you can't bullshit a bullshitter -- well, I was on the lookout for anything fake and unreal about her when we chatted the first time. My radar didn't pique at all. She's the real deal.

Choosing a Beachbody coach is a big deal. Your coach needs to be knowledgeable and motivating. But, more than that, you need to connect with him or her. You need to feel that your coach cares about your success. And, you need to feel that your coach is more than just a cheerleader. Seay has all of the tools you need to succeed -- whether you just want to get fit or whether you want to build an empire. She can help!

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