Why are we so obsessed with protein shakes? Why is it that we are conditioned to consume protein, as IF, our body is in a total deficit and our food supply is waning?  Geeez!  Why do we automatically default to “protein shakes” as a meal replacement and think we are topping our body off “just right” with exactly what it needs?  When you are analyzing  your daily food consumption, are you

Chicken chasing
Chicken chasing

truly coming up short in the protein department?  I doubt it.

Somehow, marketing has conditioned us to think we are all walking around with protein deficiencies.  But what nearly every American body IS lacking, are VITAMINS and NUTRIENTS.  Our current fresh food supply even at it's best, is not as dense with vitamins, as it was just 30 years ago.  Do you have cravings, lack energy and feel like you are in a fog half way through the day? Those are signs that you body needs more vitamins, not protein.  The majority of us are walking around with NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES.  We are consuming foods primarily from the “brown and tan” category, and very little foods with “color”.  Our foods are processed and contain artificial additives.  Yet we chase protein powders and drinks, as if it’s the most coveted missing link in our nutrition.

Nearly every new client I speak with, will proudly tell me, “Im drinking a protein shake in the morning!”  Then, they share the rest of their food choices that contain, even more protein, and very few fresh foods with actual nutrients.

Consider this, instead of chasing protein as if it’s the most scarce food on the planet, change your thinking to,  “I need to chase VITAMINS!”  Vitamins are primarily where all of us are lacking in our daily food consumption, NOT protein.  So, when you are taking that first step towards living healthier, put DOWN that protein shake, and pick UP, your vitamin shake!

And hey, if you ARE truly needing that extra boost of protein, you can add a scoop TO your vitamin shake ;-)