When Coaches Drop Out of Diamond August 18 2014

A Discussion Thread in the 5 Star “WALL” 

Amber Scott

I am wondering how many of us fell out of Diamond on our journey? How many times? I never did, but I've fallen out of every other rank LOL. I made a "Fallen Diamonds" group for the non-diamonds who want to get back to diamond. I'm having a call with them 2nite. I'd love to be able to screen shot a TON of comments from successful coaches who hit a bump along the way!!!

Brigitte Linford When I first got to diamond I lost it a few weeks later.

And my first business builder was ALMOST to diamond and then quit. That was a major blow too.

I will say of the original eight coaches that got me to diamond - TWO of them are still in my business today. And one of those is my husband. You can never stop building, gotta keep moving forward!

Barbie Decker Phd I really can't remember...but I have coaches who go in and out of diamond allll the time. I have one woman who has been 1 coach away from diamond for months and months. I even send her self development books, have had pow wows, gotten to her why....a great one at That. Nothing.

I have 4-5 like that and in the past weeks I've decided to let go and just lead as I do. They are draining my energy supply and I might be better off focusing on my hungry folks. And these folks, by the way, are in maxed out business center. So I lose about 8k + per month by their not being diamond. But 1. I've decided to not make it about my reasons and 2. All the above. Maybe I've been trying to turn duck into eagles and I need to work with the baby baby eagles who I believe can one day fly. Our resources are limited. Just speaking truth.

All that to say: I'm really curious to see what that group uoi have will produce: some ducks who will continue quacking or some eagles that just needed a push and proper guidance to fly.

Barbie Decker Phd I keep thinking: you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with. Creating a team of fallen diamonds when they could be So inspired by the rockstars and really go after it vs. 5 people in my case who can't seem to get it together. Again, I'm honestly curious and hope you are on to something brilliant bc I am out of creative solutions in this area.

Barbie Decker Phd I guess at the point that u realize that you've led that horse to water one too many times and that they are taking time away from you working with the ones really worthy of your time.

If we take full responsibility for our own lack of mentorship, then that should lead us to an answer.

This girl with the one coach away. I have not reached out to her ps coaches!!! How dumb is that??!! My fault!!! I could find some hungry ones and coach them to emerald and above. I can honestly say I haven't : so there is a solution and option. By pass her and go to her team. Duhhhhhhh

Why haven't I done that? Laziness on my part or maybe really just a blind spot!!!

Amber Scott I feel like the reason I created the group, and why I have so many fallen diamonds (11 what the heck!!?) is because I haven't led anyone to water, or anything else for that matter. I'm always so focused on my next thing, my new coach, recruiting high numbers, making lots of emeralds (I think I have like 70 ps emeralds I can't even tell you), that I have never lead my leaders. So far they have gotten Diamond and I expect them to handle it from there, because I always did. It's failed me seriously as I sit here with well over 15 lifetime diamonds in my first CBC built in the last 2 years and I'm a 5 star. I am going 100% back to basics with them, but the first thing I want them to know is I'm not mad, they still have value as coaches and people, they have a why that got them here, and I would like to lead them if they would like to work. It's a totally different approach from my push to diamond group that is running at the same time! So far I've been posting "back to basics" daily tips on how to reconnect and I have a ton for our call 2nite. I figure, whoever is willing to do what I say, gets to stay, if not, I can safely write them off at that point knowing I did right by them

Brigitte Linford Just a few thoughts. I was listening to Jim Rohn's Take Charge of Your Life audio this morning and he reminded me that some people get taken by the birds.

We have to expect that. It's what Jim says "the inevitable." to think that won't happen is what he calls "naive". If any of you haven't listened to this audio you are missing out on hearing Jim Rohn's voice DRAG out those words quite nicely.

I went 15 star with SOLID diamonds. But I feel it's naive to think I will stay 15 star with the same 15 diamonds. It dawned on me today that even with the smaller amount of coaches that have gone 15 star diamonds in this company - TWO of them aren't even in the company anymore.

So if a 15 star diamond can lose traction and quit altogether - what's to say a diamond won't too? It's inevitable. We have to plan for it, know those things will happen, they are inevitable. And just commit to moving forward with those that want this.

I look to Beachbody a lot as a model on how to run my OWN business. And the Beachbody corporation has coaches who step back and lose rank, even 15 star diamond coaches who leave the company, coaches who quit. But the regional managers and sales directors stay focused on working with the coaches who are working NOW. Because those are the coaches driving the growing volume! They don't go chasing down the coaches that have been picked up by the birds, or the ones that grew for a little while but stopped.

That example tells me to do the same. Stay in the field. Don't go chasing down the seeds that have been picked up by the birds. I believe all my coaches can succeed. But I know not everyone will. Just like we have to learn the art of being both ambitious and content. We get to learn the art of being both optimistic and realistic when it comes to our team.

Just my two cents in reference to your comment Barbie Decker Phd.

Seay Eyles Stanford:   I, like Brigitte mentioned, have ZERO coaches from my original diamond. I was "that coach" that filled the necessary spots to win a trip to the bahamas. Im not a volume recruiter, nor did I have a clue about this business when I went diamond. My small strength is building value in our products and the customer experience. I believe its hard to build a sustaining diamond business in the first 90 days as a coach.

Surprisingly, I haven't fallen out of diamond and rarely do any of my 13 total diamonds fall either. (I actually have 2 dropping this Thursday :-/) Because I DO NOT recruit a ton of coaches I focus HEAVILY on my customers. I front load the majority of my business duplication by giving my customers the "red carpet treatment" from day one. I focus on them and when they become coaches, IF they also have that DNA as Craig Holiday would say, I make them one of my few to groom to diamond. My process has been slower than most, but I know they will duplicate a similar SOLID business. I made $54 the day I went diamond. I wasn't happy about that income at all and vowed to only create diamond leaders, not just people with a diamond rank. Do these coaches your working hard on truly have IT and are they really willing to SACRIFICE for it?

I do not believe everyone has the DNA. Id love to think I can be that person to help them find it. But I think it starts from within them, first and foremost. I also believe that anyone can play the system and become diamond. I think trying to see if they have that DNA early on has helped me determine who gets my energy. Sometimes I have none.

If they are a true diamond leader, and not just a diamond rank, they may lose their title, but they will HATE it, (as we all in this group did when we fell) and do what ever it takes to earn their prestigious title right back. THATS the mindset of the individual who gets "all of me".

I don't think any one of you should question yourselves as leaders if you aren't popping diamonds or the ones you have aren't keeping rank. You are all great leaders or you wouldn't be in this group.

My .02 would be that maybe we can become more insightful on weeding out who "wants to want it" with the ones that TRULY do. It may only be 1 or 2, but work with THOSE and they will fight to keep their rank with the same passion and conviction you would if you lost your own rank.

Barbie Decker Phd:    Seay Eyles Stanford this is a super duper great post. I really am awful at giving my customers an awesome experience. It’s an ok experience and ok doesn’t wow. Just heard Tony Shieh from Zappos...and they have a WOW Culture, he says: Wow your customers. Sounds like you’ve mastered that. I dont do that...not as a culture. Really, great, great tip. Thank you.

Barbie Decker Phd:    Seay Eyles Stanford how do you WOW your customers? With so many, my struggle is to keep up. Do you have a wow system? Is it your challenge groups?

Priscilla Ashleigh:   I fell off diamond ONCE and that was due to me not paying attention to the active coaches in my drilldown. Needless to say, I got it back the NEXT WEEK and it hasn't happened again this is a great chat thread Barbie Decker Phd Seay Eyles Stanford Brigitte Linford you ladies inspire me!

Seay Eyles Stanford:   Barbie Decker Phd first of all I must tell you several things 1) Your gratitude message at the Miami Super Sunday was one of the most heartfelt and real messages Ive ever heard from any BB leader 2) I was actually visiting your website yesterday (I can't recall exactly what inspired me to visit you, specifically, yesterday)and I love the feel and message you send out on your site and 3) Im impressed you know about the zappos experience. I love that they are a "customer service business that happens to sell shoes".

But to answer your question...I struggled with my weaknesses. I come from a sponsor that is a MASSIVE recruiter. I felt intimidated, inferior and not worthy in this business until I finally embraced my unique strengths and that was product value and customer experience. So I went with it. My validation moment was at leadership 2012 when they said "70% of diamond coaches started off as customers". I was fearful because we are soooo trained to breed coaches- we rarely speak of the previous customers and breed them into strong coaches. But the customer experience felt very natural and organic to me so- I trusted the process.

I mostly attract 35-55 year old women. Thats important because my customers are not looking for bikini bodies but better health and wellness (a subject I know you relate to). I do live 1-1 30 minute consultations with them on the phone. (I'm sure all the top recruiters are thinking Im crazy right now) I give a ton of value with no expectation of a purchase. I give them four tips they can start right away to feel better and lose weight.

When they purchase (which they nearly always do) they get motivation, true clean eating education, etc in my 28 day commit group (my demographic gets scared off by the word challenge- they can commit, but don't make them think its a hard challenge), and I start the month off with commit group zoom call.

The rest is intuitive. If I feel they need more I reach my hand out and offer my 1-1 time. Some fall off no matter what I do. Others are easy to maintain. But they all know I am there to fine tune their lifestyle. I try my best to comment insightful responses on their posts. I sometimes spend more time teaching customers than I do my coaches. But the benefit I have found is this..... That that time spent isn't lost. Its compounded. Because if they become a coach, and have that DNA, they have more knowledge and confidence than I can contain. Ive inadvertently already trained them on a solid duplicatable experience. The rest is just me teaching them marketing, time mgt, exposures, etc The hard work has been done. If they are a discount coach, they don't go inactive very often because they have belief in our products. So its time spent on the front end- yes, but on the back end, for me, it has paid off.

Don't get me wrong, its gets totally overwhelming to manage it all like this. But one thing Im rarely doing in all my crazy juggling effort, is dropping rank.

Barbie Decker Phd:   Seay Eyles Stanford if you were to look at my 130 page notebook from Tony Robbins, I bet you 10k that the words that I wrote the most were: CREATE RAVING CUSTOMERS and ADD VALUE. Sounds like you do that beautifully and you have truly mastered it. You are clearly adding value and it’s really beautiful to witness. I add value, too, but in a different way. I am being honest here, I do not do a good job and it’s NOT modesty speaking, of taking care of my customers. I’m not a relater personality, so it’s hard for me (as in I don’t enjoy) too much one on one time. challenge is to make my customers feel connected to me without me doing what you’re doing, which is GOLD, to give them that quality experience. FACT, according to some statistics I saw yesterday: the #1 reason customers leave is because they don’t feel valued. You are valuing your customers. And kudos to you for recognizing your strength. I thinkkkkk the way for me to WOW my customers might be through marketing online...adding value to their lives via digital marketing...doing what Chalene advises in her MIA...which I’m committed to doing after this Vegas and then Toronto trip.

Another thing, you speak about the DNA. Over and over, Tony Robbins said: Great sales people are not created, they are FOUND. Then you train them. It sounds like your intuition is spot on on many levels. Thank you for sharing this.

The overwhelming message that keeps popping up in this thread is: SPEND TIME and INVEST IN THOSE THAT baby eagles that will FLY. But we have to invest in people.

Barbie Decker Phd : ps. thank you for the feedback on my website! It’s really who I am and who I’ve become over the past few years. So thank you!

Brigitte Linford:   Love this thread. I'm learning so much! I know my weaknesses are with customers for SURE. And even with new coaches. I do much better working with my leaders. THAT'S the passion for me and what I find challenging in an exciting way - showing someone how to run a business.

I'm committing to....

1) Spending the time to get to know my customers more. Like Amber's statement about coaches, I'm not caring / loving / personal with my customers like I am with my coaches.

2) Find/Learn/Master a social media "one size fits all" training for the average coach. The social media training I gave my team last year isn't relevant THIS year. So I have lots more newer coaches that are frustrated because my training isn't working for them to find new people.

3) Going back to basics on my OWN FB posts. Staying relatable on social media. I've learned that I'm attracting money hungry coaches because I got caught up in "financial freedom" focused Facebook posts.

4) Recommitting to my own fitness journey. The past six months I've slacked big time on nutrition and I'm not where I want to be. Four weeks to leadership, time to dial in.

Barbie Decker Phd:   And Brigitte I literally forget to post about fitness, not bc I'm not into it, but bc it's just who I am. I just do it and don't think about it. It's like brushing my teeth, so I hardly post about my fitness or others! I'm ok with it, just need to remember to mention the products once in a while.

Megan Ewoldsen :  Agree with Seay Eyles Stanford, i've shared your comments several times with a few discouraged leaders on my team this morning. This is a really great thread!