Plan Your Pills or Plan Your Meals.  What's YOUR Plan?

Cost is one of the biggest reasons that people claim they can't lose weight.  'Health food is too expensive'.  'Eating processed foods is more convenient'.  It's even true, to a degree – but it doesn't have to be.  The trouble is, instead of looking at nutrition facts or the amount of calories in certain products, people reach for fad foods and diets that only work in the short term.

The truth is that foods that advertise themselves as 'diet foods' – the ones that say 'fat-free' or 'no added preservatives' and so on – are pricey and they play on your insecurities.  What's more, they're often not as good as they say they are!  'Fat-free' could be laced with sugars.  'No added preservatives' could be stuffed to the brim with artificial colours and flavors.

So instead of crying 'find me a diet', perhaps you should be asking 'help me lose weight in a better way'.  How?  It's simple.  Clean, natural foods.  These organics are foods that haven't been processed or altered in any way and so are just as nature intended – delicious, healthy and nutrition-rich.  You really can't go wrong with these kinds of foods.  Organic food is not just natural either – it is treated naturally too.  It is not sprayed with chemicals, it's looked after by hand, and all organic meat is fed natural foods and has not had antibiotics that could easily work their way into your own system.

Natural foods are cheaper than the typical fad-diet stuff too and although processed foods look like they offer value for money, with the right kind of organisation you could do a healthy weekly shop on the same budget.  Planning a weekly – or even monthly – meal plan will help you reduce costs and could even save you time and energy after a long day in work or looking after the kids.  It might take a little more effort now but in the long run, it is most definitely worth it.

Planning now could help you plan for your future.  Eating cleanly and having an active lifestyle will significantly improve your health in the long term.  A clean diet has been proven to help reduce high blood pressure, chest pains, control diabetes, balance hormones, give energy and so much more.  The health benefits of clean living are simply innumerable.  So next time you ask 'help me find a diet' or complain that it costs too much, compare it with the prices of surgery and medical bills.  Such high costs can be avoided and perhaps you won't need to part with your hard-earned dollars later in life.

So lose that stomach fat; control your health through a clean, organic diet; do a bit of exercise (put on the workout DVD- Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift are popular choices, try a few sessions with a personal trainer or even find classes online from yoga to boxing).  Plan your meals and your time well because if you don't plan for health today, you'll be planning for the financial and emotional costs of disease and illness later in life.  Eat clean - it's a no-brainer!