What Does a Beachbody Coach DO?


It became VERY apparent to me this past week how many people don't really understand what the heck I DO for work or HOW I earn money. Trying to explain it to the bank in getting our home loan, the

Top Beachbody Coaches Do
Top Beachbody Coaches Do

Realtor, the people at the furniture store: All were CONFUSED and ALL had these SAME THREE MISCONCEPTIONS. The reason is, I believe people with traditional jobs think TRADITIONAL ways. You do a JOB and you get paid. You work your hours and you get paid. They think of businesses as only a brick and mortar place you GO to.

MISCONCEPTION #1: They think I must sell A TON of 21 Day Fix's, P90x's or Shakeology's to earn what I do.

- Actually, I don't. I DO make money off what I sell. But I earn my biggest commission off what my TEAM sells. I don't need to sell a lot, I need a lot of people selling, some. If they sell nothing, I get paid...well, nothing! If you owned a salon, a retail store or a gym, as an owner, your income is generated by both what you generate AND your people generate. As the owner you don't do EVERYTHING. You have a team, and you get paid from a combined performance. That's how I get paid, too. The bigger my team success, the bigger my success :-) Make sense?

MISCONCEPTION #2: THEN they think, "Oooooh your in one of those business pyramid schemes where you get paid to get people to join."

- Ironically, recruiting is everywhere and 100% accepted, from churches, sports franchises, colleges and the military. THEY all have people trying to convince YOU to join THEM. Funny, if I owned a gym or a salon it's not seen as tricking people to provide a place for them to earn money, and by them earning at my place, I get to earn too. Like those businesses models, I actually earn NOTHING if my coaches (you call them employees) do nothing. I could sign up (hire) 100 people and if you all do nothing, I earn nothing. It's a waste of time in ANY business, right? So I look for QUALITY people. I look for people that want MORE out of life and are willing to go after it. I look for talent. I look for business savvy people that want to understand how this business can augment theirs. I'm NOT in the CONVINCING business. I will share what this health and fitness business has done for me and what it can do for you but if you aren't interested...that's ok. I don't cry. I sometimes DO wish you could see what I see but it's no biggie if you don't and I don't take it personally. I said no FOUR times before I finally looked at this model as a serious way to earn a living and have freedom. I've never chased, hounded or CONVINCED anyone on my team to do this business. I know some business models DO get paid off recruiting, but Beachbody pays us nothing for recruiting. I'm not here to convince you-but if I see talent and approach you...know that it's not icky- be flattered I see something in YOU and want you on my team. And if you want to join my team and do nothing but use the 25% discount, that's cool too. At least you are saving money on the products and living healthier!

MISCONCEPTION #3: They don't understand that my PHONE *IS* my OFFICE.

- I get this A LOT. Because I don't have products at my house, or a place to go to, it's hard for some people to grasp that my entire business is done from my mobile device. My free fitness groups, my team training, my webinars, my conversations....yep: ALL MOBILE. If you own a gym or a salon, you do get paid off your employees performance, but in many cases you have to physically BE THERE too. And you have building OVERHEAD. If you sold real estate, you'd have to have physical homes to SHOW. I don't have any of that. Beachbody ships my products and I stay connected with all the moving parts of my business, through my MOBILE DEVICE. It IS my office. And because of that- anywhere in the world where there is WIFI, I can work. The people in England COULD NOT understand how I was able to live there for three months and still run my business. THAT's how! But too many of us think TRADITIONALLY in that we have to have somewhere to go to be considered a "Real Job".

These are the three biggest misconceptions folks have about what I *DO* for a living. And yes- there are more misconceptions out there. I sometimes can't explain it enough to people. I will say this, direct sales, network marketing, whatever you want to call it is on the RISE. And the people in this business buy cars, houses and travel just like folks with traditional jobs. I do believe over time, as it becomes more mainstream, it will become more understood. But PLEASE, if you don't understand...JUST ASK, don't ASSUME! It's ok because even *I* didn't quite understand at one time either.

I would be happy to send you my personal business webinar....JUST IN CASE you have more questions and THINK you may be ready to open your mind a bit and just see. As always with strings attached <3Just shoot me a message