What are these Beachbody Coach charges for?

$16/ month

Non-negotiable business fee.  It is every coaches fee to cover their business.  It helps pay for:

~ the customer service representatives that answer the phones.

~ the warehouse workers that pack and ship your products.

~ the millions of dollars in TV Infomercial advertising that drives brand recognition to our products and company.  The infomercial also drives us customer leads.

~ it covers the cost of your THREE websites that you send customers to order from you.


$39.95 Quarterly Club Membership

This is OPTIONAL.  It comes free with all challenge pack purchases for the first 30 days.  Then it is charged $39.95 QUARTERLY.  You DO need it if you are an emerald ranked coach, in order to earn leads.

However, I send a script for my customers and coaches to CANCEL it three weeks after they purchase their challenge pack (see scripts section).  They can add it on again later if they want.  What it gives and covers are all the ON DEMAND streaming workouts, access to LIVE certified personal trainers and nutritionists to ask individual questions, custom made meal plans based on YOUR needs (a $200 value if you paid a dietician to do this) as well as 10% off everything on the Beachbody website.

$40 Coach Sign Up Fee

Rarely will you use this, because this is waived with the purchase of a challenge pack, but if one was to join as a coach and buy NOTHING, this is what the cost would be.

In hard financial times, a coach CAN freeze their entire account for three months, instead of canceling.

Active Military get the $16 monthly business fee and $40 sign up fee, waived.  They would have to provide and have verified their military status, then they would be exempt from these charges.  See the BB FAQ for more details on this.