Why I went from a Corporate Career to Beachbody Coaching April 30, 2009 TODAY marks my FIVE year anniversary since I WALKED AWAY from my lucrative corporate career as a top performing pharmaceutical rep. I missed so much when my daughters were little. And what I didn't miss, I was too tired and depleted to really enjoy. Everyday, I felt that a bit more life was being taken from my body. I felt that each day, it became harder and harder to breathe. Five years ago TODAY- I walked away from that life praying that Id find more freedom WITH income. It was two years later, in July 2011, that I found Beachbody and am living the purpose I have been put on this Earth to do. To help you realize your greater potential and to live with better health and energy. In these 12 minutes I will share what that heartfelt transition and two years of unemployment was like for me.

I HAD to find a life designed on my terms to be a better mom and wife.

In the almost three years since becoming a Beachbody Coach, I've not only TRIPLED what I was earning as a pharmaceutical rep but I have created a QUALITY of LIFE and DEEPER PURPOSE to help people than I ever imagined possible. Have I worked hard for it? You bet I have- but arent you going to work your butt off, anyway? You CAN do this. It doesnt MATTER what your circumstances are now- what matters is where you want to GO--->

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