Welcome to the Refinery!

I wanted to officially welcome you to the Refinery as a Retail Coach or Business Builder! I am excited that you put your trust in myself and this team to help you build your own successful business.  My job as your mentor and sponsor is to provide you with the tools and tips you need to started.  While I cannot make you successful, I can provide you with the tools that will help pave the way for your success.  Your responsibility is to take these tools and make them unique to your style and help others to lead healthy fulfilling lives.  I hope to prevent you from reinventing the wheel by sharing my successful tips and processes with you.

We also have a coach Facebook closed group that you can REQUEST to join (if I haven't added you already)!  The link is below.  This is your "home base" for all coaching questions and information.  You can post questions, post successes and stay up to date on all things Beachbody!

But First!  I want to get to know you!  Please take ten minutes to complete this form for me!<a href="">Fill out my Wufoo form!</a>Ok- Let's Get Started!

Get a 3 Ring BINDER and....

1) PRINT these two Google Documents below, look them both over, as they will START as your training workbook and reference.

Most Common Questions and How To's:

Your Business "RoadMap":

2) WATCH this Video! Start the navigate your coach online office in this video. Explore the coach online office and watch some of the new coach trainings.  You want to go to the coach online office, then the “news and training” tab and the “training” tab. 8 min

<<Once you are HERE message your sponsor (or me if Im your sponsor) to set up our FIRST 1-1 Call>>

After our call, you can start working through the pre-reqs below.

3)  COMPLETE the PHASE 1 Beachbody Business Training (Phase 2 is later and will include Marketing Training)

<< After Your Pre-Reqs are Completed message your sponsor (or me if I'm your sponsor) for our SECOND 1-1 Call >>

I am VERY EXCITED to have you join one the TOP TEAMS in Beachbody and grow with us!  This experience has completely changed my personal and financial life and Neil and I look forward to getting to know you!!!

Whatever your hopes and dreams for yourself personally and financially I will help you succeed!  It’s diligent work but together we are unstoppable.

Let's ROCK this together!!!

Seay Stanford

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.50.23 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.50.23 PM