WELCOME and GROUP Prerequisites!!! Hello and welcome to this group of motivated and excited coaches! I know that we are going to have a great 30 days for all that participate and are ready to grow their business. I have personally never been as fullfilled with anything in my career, like I have with Beachbody. Beachbody has given me a true platform to HELP people live healthier lives. What matters most about your success in this business is that it doesnt matter what youve done, where youve come from or what you have or have not achieved. For everyone our day ONE is the same. You truly CAN start laying that foundation today towards a very comfortable six-figure income in the next 3-5 years.

Seay Stanford  Certified Health Coach
Seay Stanford Certified Health Coach

The last coach group resulted in some MAJOR growth both with rank advancements and Success Club. We will have some of those tenured graduates in THIS group to help lead YOU, too!

So before we get started I want to share the pre-requisites with you to be done prior to the FIRST Monday of the month.  If you decide to post-pone your participation for another month or so, just send me a private message and Ill remove you from the group. This group THRIVES on meaningful content and participation! No namby-pambies!

I will host a ZOOM call every week  at SUNDAY at 9pm EST.  You can download the FREE computer software and/or the mobile app. "Zoom Cloud".  These meetings are virtual face to face.  These are live and interactive.  They are not presentations.

On these calls we will have a topic for discussion and "mastermind". To "graduate" from the camp, you must attend at least 3 a month. Based on the last groups, the participation on these calls was the difference between those that grew their business and the ones that stayed flat. Coaches WANTED to attend I commit the majority of my business energy to THIS group and YOU. I ask in return, your participation and engagement.

Here we go!! Seay.Stanford@gmail.com 727-919-1774

Your FIRST responsibilities:

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.26.08 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.26.08 PM


1  ***Know where things are: There are some AWESOME resources in the coach online office!!! I literally had NOTHING like this when I started. Starting from the Coach Training Academy to all the Reference materials! This video will give you a tutorial.  The Coach Training academy is in your Beachbody Dashboard "office".  

Coach Online Office > News and Training > and both "Coach Training Academy" and "Meeting Resource Center" will have everything you will everr need!!!  It covers ALL THE BASICS so that you are starting this group with a foundation.  The group will help you APPLY it.  Please COMPLETE this training before the group starts.

All coaches in the camp MUST complete the coach online office training first.  When i use acronyms in the camp, you won't know what they mean if you haven't completed the basic training. Log in > Coach > Coach Online Office From your Coach online office > news and training tab > Coach Training Academy

Coach Training Academy
Coach Training Academy

2  ***Post in the group a quick 1 minute video sharing your name, where your from, what led you to coaching and what other responsibilities you have (day job, children, pets, charities, taming wild gorillas, etc) You can upload a video from your phone to the group.

3 ***Complete a list of 30-50 people that you would love to help as both customers or coaches.  Picture text to me at 727-919-1774

4 ***Set 30 day specific goals (you can include this in your video if you like)  You may also want to PICK A BILL you'd like to pay in the next 30 days with your Beachbody Income.

***We will plan on and start promoting for challenge group (we will run these together)

***Invite to your challenge group. (more on this to come)

5 ***Order "wear and share" promotional item/s. YES- these WORK!

6 ***Order The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

7 *** IF you have not already listened to my 60 minute Business Opportunity Webinar, this is a MUST before starting the group!  It will help you describe the business opportunity to coach prospects and will be the primary sharing tool you will use. Click HERE to watch webinar 60 min.

I will be posting every morning. I will "pin" the most recent post to the top of the group so it doesnt get lost in the feed.   Be sure that if on a mobile device to click on the "Pinned post" button to view.

Are you READY to ROCK this?!!!!