How to know if your shake is made from WHOLE FOODS A look at "Shake X" and Shakeology.

So many "health" shakes claim to be made of whole foods and natural.  These shakes compare themselves on cost savings and outrageous claims of health.   Yet when you read the label, you see ingredients like soy, soy lecithin,artificial flavors, artificial colors and sucralose to name a few.  You can also see that the vitamins are synthetic and created in a lab.   But what if you don't know what to look for on the food label.  Here is the tell tale sign....


That's right.  It should decay, decompose and have bugs that want to help the process.

We've all heard about the McDonalds cheeseburger that looks the same after several years.  I even did the experiment for myself to see it with my own eyes.  The more natural food is, the more it will grow mold, attract bugs and decay.  It's when it's chemically laden, processed and made with unnatural fillers that it just sits there.  And what do you think it does in your body?

This was not an experiment to show you what chemicals and processed foods can do to your body.  There are already studies for that.  This experiment wasn't to compare one shake over another.  But every experiment should have a "control" to compare to.  And there ended up being quite a comparison.

This experiment was to show what a natural whole food shake (or anything for that matter, except honey) SHOULD do.  If it's made from whole foods, it should grow an ecosystem that looks similar the next location to film Jurassic World 2....

I happened to choose a popular shake on the market and Shakeology, for this experiment.

Both claim to be natural and designed for optimum health.

Both have very different ingredients on the label.

One costs a little more than the other.

So I put them to the test.  I took the serving of each, as stated on the label and mixed with water.  You can re-create this very experiment with your current shake of choice, to see if it's truly made form whole foods, or processed chemicals.

I put them side by side, outside in the open air (no screen) on June 17, 2015  in a very tropical, muggy, humid and buggy, Tampa, FL.

It has averaged 92 degrees and 74% humidity everyday.

And I watched.....

Day One:

Herbalife Shakeology
Herbalife Shakeology

Day Two:  The "Shake X" on the left is separating from the water and it's contents are sinking to the bottom.

Shakeology Herbalife
Shakeology Herbalife

"The fact that "Shake X" content is separating is because it has a lot of gums and thickening agents to create a full effect.  It sinks to 'cheat" a way of feeling satisfied. This is done by forcing a 'volume' sensation to shut off the hunger signals whereby shakeology is 'satisfying' because of the whole food powders that give the body the cellular nutrients to shut off the signals to eat more.

Oxidation and breakdown is definitely a part of food as well as molds. The first picture when you see layers of herbalife and not a lot of breakdown simply shows the isolated, chemically created ingredients." ~ Darin Olien, Author of SuperLife

Day Seven:  The "Shake X" on the left has little growth.  There is mostly just water and sediment that sunk on day one.

The Shakeology water has evaporated and there is all kinds of mold growing.  There were also gnats all over the Shakeology but they flew away when I got close.  It's a pillowy, spongy live mess.  But that is GOOD! That shows its real whole foods.

Shakeology Herbalife
Shakeology Herbalife

Interesting both shakes are sold on the promise of "health".  But only one molds and attracts bugs as real whole food should.

Want to know if your food is a whole food?  Do your own experiment!

Shakeology Ingredients:

Shakeology Ingredients
Shakeology Ingredients

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