The gyro [yee' ro] is the iconic sandwich of Greece, typically loaded with a blend of spiced meats. This veggie version doesn't skimp on flavor or Greek attitude, but it leaves out the meat. Some ingredients listed refer to other recipes on my blog, so you will need to prepare them first or acquire comparable ingredients.

Veggie Gyro Essential Ingredients

Gluten free pita bread rounds Tzatziki, hummus, or a little of each

Optional Veggie Gyro Ingredients

Crumbled or cubed feta cheese Olive oil Tahini Cucumber Tomato Onion Chick peas Shredded lettuce Spinach Rubbed kale Bell pepper Kalamata olives (brined olives with a delicious salty/fruity flavor that is VERY different from black olives) Pepperoncini peppers Spicy pickles Beets Potato salad Any other vegetables you like that will go with tzatziki or hummus.

Veggie Gyro Instructions

If your pita is fresh from the oven use it while it is still warm. Otherwise, briefly warm each pita in a frying pan with a bit of olive oil, toasting each side. Pile on the ingredients on each pita and top with tzatziki, hummus, or both. Fold up the sides to form a sandwich for eating.