Beachbody Business
Beachbody Business

Types of Business Owners Three years ago Neil Stanford and I started our own car lot. We were both tired of working for the corporate world and surrendering our quality of life, everyday, to someone else. We longed to be our OWN boss. But, what it took for us to get started was a HUGE amount of capital up front. We had to rent monthly office space (1k), apply for a dealer license (12k), apply to 5 Dealer tags with the state (1k), furnish our office space (1k), pay for our advertising and then take out a loan to stock our lot with cars to sell (27k). All that effort and money STILL did not guarantee us profit as we had a TON of overhead to clear long before we earned our own living. When Neil leaves for vacation, we have to pay for an employee to cover our business. There was no "working system for success" in place for us to easily follow. We just figured it out, and we definitely made mistakes. This model is HIGH RISK> HIGH OVERHEAD.

I started my Beachbody business two years ago with $40. I did not (have to) buy any products or inventory. I immediately had a training system handed to me and a team of coaches mentoring me. My risk was nothing. I could walk away with no obligation and lose nothing, unlike our car lot where we'd still have a lease and a heafty loan to fulfill. When I started earning with Beachbody, I kept 100% of my profits right away. Beachbody provided my advertising, brand recognition, world-wide known products, customer service dept, my own website, shipping and administration... ALL with my $40 start up investment. I could literally leave for a week and my business would still thrive. Truly, compared to starting up our car lot, Beachbody has been an entrepreneurs DREAM job for me. I started earning from Day ONE and now after two years of consistency, I earn MORE than I did with my pharmaceutical career, even at its peak. This model is LOW RISK> LOW OVERHEAD.

Both new business models have unlimited potential. But our car lot SCARES us sometimes if we dont cover our business overhead, much less earn enough to cover our personal finances. I can honestly say since I am a part of BOTH businesses, my Beachbody business model is much more financially savvy since it has no overhead and an immediate income opportunity. Neil works for himself AND by himself. I work for myself, but not by myself. I have a team and a company backing me.

What does it take to be successful as an entrepreneur in ANY business? BELIEF in 1) your product 2) your company mission and most of all 3) YOURSELF. If you are LONGING to "be your own boss" like Neil and I once were, you truly CAN create your own destiny with Beachbody and afford your own business. Not everyone needs candles, housewares, handbags or even cars. But EVERYONE needs health and fitness regardless of age, sex or economic status. In fact, our country is in an obesity and disease crisis and NEEDS you. Beachbody has 115,000 coaches and are projecting we need at least 1 million to fill the population's demand. I am looking for FIVE SERIOUS entrepreneurs that are READY to take control of their own financial destiny, that want to build a career, pad their retirement account or even live towards being debt free. I am in the top %1 of all Beachbody coaches and will be personally mentoring YOU. I will be choosing my FIVE new apprentices by this FRIDAY. Im excited to have you join our Team