Type 2 Diabetes has ironically come up A LOT today. I'm really Not sure why- but lots of questions, advice seekers and people learning they are pre-diabetic and messaging me for my thoughts. Maybe it's a bigger push from the universe that I need to finally share this explanation. I'm not up for a long blog post tonight but I'll share a few helpful things.

About me: I called on endocrinologists (diabetes specialists) for 6 years selling diabetic meds. I was the rep that hosted dinners for specialized physicians on diabetes. I was in the top .01 of my company, GSK, ALL six years. Diabetes treatment became my BABY... Even to this day. I saw way too much end stage complications which is why NOW- I'm on the front end of promoting prevention.

So here you go:

A diabetic is on an AVERAGE of 8-12 medications. The disease is comorbid with many other diseases. It's an EXPENSIVE financial disease. You think healthy food is pricey? This disease DWARFS a check out bill at whole foods.

8/10 diabetics don't actually die of high sugar levels. They die of cardiovascular disease. Mainly strokes and heart attacks. Which is why they are usually on statins and ace-inhibitors. As well as metformin, glyburide or insulin to name a few.

The complications of diabetes is an expensive LIFESTYLE disease. I sat with and looked hundred of patients in the eyes in physician waiting rooms from 2000-2006 that suffered from diabetic neuropathy resulting in amputations, dialysis from kidney failure, erectile dysfunction from poor circulation and blindness from retinopathy- just to name a few. Most had already suffered at least one stroke or heart attack. They ALL said, "if I had only UNDERSTOOD better how to prevent this horrible disease".

You know what the FIRST line of treatment is per the American Diabetes Association?

Diet and exercise.

But when diagnosed most people dismiss the "hard" work of that option and ask for a PILL to fix their "sugars". And so it starts... I say choose your "hard" but to each their own...

Type 2 Diabetes is a disease of "insulin resistance". High sugars are a SYMPTOM, of insulin resistance. Many of us are insulin resistant 10-12 years before being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It's probably even more since I left in 2006. Insulin resistance, means our cells, which need to be "fed" do not respond to insulin "the food deliverer". We eat, our liver converts foods to sugars, insulin is released to deliver food to our cells, but the cells don't respond (are resistant) to insulin. So they starve. You know how when you have a ton of groceries in your arms but can't get the front door open? Everything spills over outside. That's what metaphorically happens inside your body. Your cells starve, needing more food they trigger MORE insulin production from your pancreas, but it goes no where. It's a vicious cycle. You have a ton of excess insulin running through your body with no where to go and that contributes to weight gain- among many of the other numerous diabetic health issues.

Diet: a low complex carb and sugar diet reduces the release of insulin and keeps sugar levels stable. This is called a low glycemic diet. One that doesn't spike your sugar levels. Think of an airplane. You want a smooth ride- not sugar "turbulence" bumpy ride.

Exercise: Opens the cells back up. Hello! The front door is OPEN to be fed. Yay! It makes them accept the insulin "key" to open the door to get fed. Therefore BOTH diet and exercise are very effective synergistically as preventative and first line therapy to reverse the disease. Yes- it's reversible if you work it to be. Pills don't reverse it. They only treat the symptoms of your cells being insulin resistant. And not very well at that.

If you know a type 2 diabetic, are one or have spent years around the disease, you can understand why I'm passionate about being on the front end of prevention and not on the back end of treating symptoms with 8-12 pills. (Although Pharma companies probably prefer you do the latter.). I'm your VOICE for first line.

I stand behind my company and it's products that promotes diet and exercise. I think it's obvious WHY. We even have an at home program designed for SPECIFICALLY FOR type 2 diabetics. My intentions in my posts are probably obvious to you by now. I want to be that VOICE- that maybe gets through to someone you LOVE. We have a super food shake that has a very low glycemic index, has no artificial sweeteners like Splenda or equal that increase insulin production and carbohydrate cravings. It has many superfoods that have been used holistically to reduce Hba1c, sugar levels and improve cardiovascular health. It's by no co-incidence that my clients that do what I say to do and do it consistently, most recently ,Richard F Vitale, cut their meds in HALF - if not by 90%, saving them a ton of money and drastically improving their quality of life. The body wants to heal. If you give it half a chance- it will try.

My passion in this topic runs deep and is pure. Awareness and empowerment in this first natural line of defense needs to be shared. Eating a bag of chips, a diet soda, margarita or a burger then taking your metformin or glyburide won't cut it. It's not about playing the numbers- it's about getting yourself working right on its own- healing from the inside. You body is your worst snitch and will always tell on you.

Treat the fire - not the smoke.

Nothing but tough enlightening love- Seay