Top Shakeology Health Transformation You Will Want to Read! Ah- nope- this doesn't have to do with my WEIGHT transformation, but my health transformation......

I can't believe that I used to take all these medications!!


I have always been considered "healthy", but THIS was a MAJOR eye-opening moment for me. I filled a huge trash can FULL of expired over the counter remedies that I had once in my life, taken regularly. Ive never needed prescription medicine. I was never diagnosed with any ailment. This was just day to day stuff....

I was SHOCKED!!! THIS is the difference you can make in phasing out processed diet foods, artificial ingredients, and fad meal plans to eating more natural foods. I had long forgotten that this was my "normal":

I used to have to take synthetic vitamins to "feel" better because I was sluggish, especially in the afternoon.

I'd take fat burners because I struggled to lose fat.

I'd take water pills because I looked "puffy".

I had cravings most of the time so I'd take diet pills to keep those urges under control.

I couldn't "go potty", so I took laxatives and stool softeners to help my bowels move that issue along. Then, I'd go too much, and had to take a remedy for that.

I'd get weekly headaches and sinus infections, so I'd take medicine for that.

I was tired in the morning, so I drank caffeine for that, and then again around 3pm. Then, I couldnt sleep fully at night, so I took a sleep aide.

I'd easily get colds from my kids so I always had Nyquil or Dayquil handy.

The sad part was, that I THOUGHT all of these random ailments were a NORMAL part of life. I assumed it was all part of the normal aging process.

Years later I see ALL this crap in the trash bin reminding me, how much Ive actually improved my health over the past five years and hadnt even REALIZED or planned it. I just decided I wanted to "eat better". I have not needed ANY of this garbage in so long, I didnt even notice it all expired way back in 2009. I was using pills to chase my body's reaction of being nutrient deficient. I was giving my body calories, and filling my belly, but was starving it of nutrients.

And I was healthy, in comparison to MOST people!

This is a REAL wake up call, of what the right FOODS can do even for your everyday health. Imagine what just small changes in ONE good meal a day could do if you had diabetes, high cholesterol, IBS or something more serious.

Investing in my heath has totally been worth it. Good riddens to all that garbage! Hello to a HEALTHY, HAPPY and MUCH YOUNGER LOOKING ME! If you are ready to make changes, let's chat! I can help you! Drop me a message at

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