Holiday gift Ideas Fitness
Holiday gift Ideas Fitness

Seay's Top 5 Fitness and Supplement Holiday Gift IdeasThe holiday season brings considerable excitement, enjoyment and anticipation. However, it can also be a challenging time period when you are faced with finding the perfect gifts for your family members and friends. This year, why not offer them the gift of health?

When you offer them the opportunity to work on their health, it's a huge statement about how much you care about them and want to pamper them from the inside out. Giving your loved ones the tools to excel in their fitness journeys or the motivation to start down a healthier path is a gift that will continue to give for the rest of their lives.

But, you may still be wondering how to find the perfect fitness present? Consider these top 5 Beachbody Holiday Gift Items:

  1. Shakeology: Coined as the "Healthiest Meal of the Day," it's my personal favorite of all Beachbody products. I don't go a day without it. Transforming your health by increasing your energy levels, reducing your cravings for unhealthy options, improving digestion and helping to lose weight, Shakeology adds nutrients and vitamins to a person's diet with its 38 superfoods. Many people don't eat enough healthy options regularly, and Shakeology can help fill in the gaps, ensuring they receive the nutrition they need. It comes in several flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Greenberry, Tropical Strawberry Vegan and Chocolate Vegan), and is available in a 30-day supply bag for your kitchen or in 24 single-serving packets to take anywhere. Shakeology may be just the gift someone needs to get healthier.
  2. Insanity MAX:30: The newest of all Beachbody workouts, Shaun T. recently introduced his Insanity MAX:30 this month to the masses, with raving results. The 60-day fitness program requires no equipment and relies on your own body weight to create resistance in its daily 30-minute workouts. With modifiers for every move, this program is great for the novice and expert athlete.
  3. 21 Day Fix: Hands Down: Best most complete program EVER!  Autumn Calabrese has created a program that will makeover your gift recipient's diet outlook on food forever. With an easy-to-follow, flexible nutrition guide, the 21 Day Fix helps the user learn to eat properly using a helpful container system. If it fits in the container, you can eat it. The convenient 30-minute workouts also tone and trim the body while making it stronger and leaner. Modified moves are shown for each and every task, and the program is intended for use by anyone, pro or beginner.
  4. 3 Day Refresh: After indulging over the holiday season, anyone can appreciate a chance to detox and ease back into healthier habits. The 3 Day Refresh helps people get back on track, without starving or feeling deprived. It helps to conquer acquired cravings for unhealthy treats, eliminate bloat and flatten the tummy. (Who doesn't want that?!?!) The program comes with a guide for success, three packets of Shakeology and three packets of Fiber Sweep. Some users have reported losses of over 5 pounds using this program.
  5. Energy drink
  6. E & E Energy and Endurance: FORGET FIVE HOUR or RED BULL!  This pre-workout formula fuels your workouts with more energy, endurance, strength and focus so you can maximize the results of your efforts with a much CLEANER- non jittery racey feeling.  Order it in a 30-day supply tub for your loved one so she can power through her workouts, even when she doesn't really feel like doing them. A natural alternative to standard energy drinks, E & E features a healthy blend of advanced nitric oxide boosters, natural energizers, electrolytes and essential B vitamins. This may be just the tool someone in your life needs to burn more calories and fat and get that boost of energy they need to push play.  What I love about it is that is doenst make me feel like my skin is crawling.

While the Beachbody website may not be your one-stop-shopping location for everyone on your list, these five gift ideas might be perfect for a few of the people you care about. Remember, you're not just providing them with a work-out program or a box of Shakeology. You are demonstrating how much you care about them by providing them with tools they can use to create a healthier lifestyle, which will increase their quality of life, overall.