• Always add your personal thoughts, story or humor with an image or inspiration.  Share what it means to you.  Even if its just a line or two.  Never just post with "nothing".  Make it uniquely yours.
  • Never post a google image of BB products. Post YOU using the products.  Never post your LINK to buy. Thats YUCKY and SALESY.  You dont want to look like an ad.  You want to show how the products are a part of your life.  Besides, Facebook can shut you down for promoting your business on your personal page.  As long as you are sharing your life ALONG WITH Beachbody, you won't look salesy, you'll stand out among all the other salesy people
  • Pick FIVE personal interests or topics about YOU and sprinkle those in.  Fashion, Finance, Faith, Music, Scrapbooking, Sports, Pets...what ELSE are you passionate about???  Share that!
  • Break it up!!  If you are going to do a longer post, for heavens sake PLEASE use paragraphs and break it up into 4-5 sentences at a time.  People are less likely to read something that seems to go on forever with no break.  Not to mention, its is PAINFUL to try and read from a mobile device when its not spaced well.  If it is going to be long, then say it from the get go << LONG PERSONAL POST AHEAD >> or something like that, so they don't hit "see more" and get annoyed that they are now reading a NOVEL.
  • Look happy!  Yes- I have to say this.  Don't post selfies where you look miserable, sad, angry or unapproachable.   Sultry and coy- is fine.  But no frowns!
  • Sunday Night- through Wednesday Night are HIGHEST traffic times.  Keep your best posts for then.  Also think about when your audience is on FB.  On their morning commute sitting in traffic.  Lunch.  Commute home.  Late evening after the kids are in bed and they are mindlessly scrolling.  Thats when you want your posts seen.
  • Post 3-5 times a day.  Better to post VALUE less often than GARBAGE more often.  Quality is KEY to keeping people interested in you.
  • Be REAL, but dont contradict yourself.  Show that you are out having fun and can have a cocktail, but dont post pictures of you wasted, smoking cigarettes or similar.  You want to be authentic and show a realistic lifestyle and balance, but you dont want to show you sabotaging yourself and having zero self control,  either.  (Hey you may not from time to time—-> just don't post about it!) You will lose credibility.  YOU are now representing your BRAND and your BUSINESS.    People also prefer some grit.  Don't be Disney and show everything is perfect and you love everyone.  Show some of your personality and sass as long as its funny, aimed at yourself and not mean.
  • Share what ELSE you know and non BB tips.  This may be from your day job, (Im sure you have learned a lot over the years that folks would find helpful, valuable or amusing)  Are you in Banking? Retail? Bartending? Photography? A Student? Car Sales? A nurse?  Skin Care? Teacher?  Realtor? Law? Police officer?  A sports coach?  All of the “trades” are great topics to share non BB value and entertainment!  I loved hearing about Kristina Delgado sharing some of her court room stories and Alyssa Schomaker sharing some funny nursing stories or health tips.  I always get a lot of feedback when I have Neil post a car buying tip.  I also love when Sara Stakely shares her skin care tips as she does facials for a living.  Sometimes it may just be a funny story that happened.  What other VALUE can you add?
  • The HAMPER is where dirty laundry goes, NOT on Social Media.  If you have a horrible day or an experience with a person that is negative DO NOT POST ABOUT IT!!! A) wait until you are OVER IT to post about it.  Share what you did to get over the situation and move on.  Show your solution, not your shit.  Negativity attracts negative people.  If you can make it funny because you are BEYOND it, thats ok too :-)
  • B) Dont post cryptic messages like,  “Some people should really know when to keep their mouths shut!”  THINK about the reactions you are going to get.....EVERYONE will think you are referring to THEM. :-(  (negative) It also stirs the negativity conversation pot and lets face it- you're an adult. It makes you look childish, passive aggressive and catty.  If you must post, make it a positive spin celebrating a behavior the OPPOSITE of what just put you off.   If someone has totally LIED to you, celebrate TRUTH.<3
  • Engagement posts are KEY!  Ask for help, a suggestion, “A or B”, opinion on a product you are looking to buy.  Everyone loves to give their opinion, give them a platform to engage and help you BACK ;-)  You can also ask a question at the end of your story/post.
  • Facts Tell, Stories SELL.  You can post about all the ingredients in Shakeology, but unless you share how they helped you or someone else, who cares!  People remember how you make them FEEL.  If they are moved by something you shared or can relate to it, they will come back to your feed.  You build TRUST.
  • Create a place to “store” and “collect” ideas to inspire your own posts.  It can be a FB group just for you, a google doc, a file, a dropbox, what ever.  Dont reinvent the wheel.  Dont copy someone else.  Put your own authentic spin on a post you like and saved.
  • Be predictable, but not too much.  You WANT people to get excited to see what the next transformation will be on Tuesday, or similar.  You DONT WANT to post the same three things every day. Heres my workout selfie.  Heres my shake.  Heres my kids.  You may be the most interesting person in the world, but people will grow BORED of your content if there is no value for THEM, behind your posts.  Think about what YOU are interested in, in others. Who are you interested in?  Watch, be inspired by them and duplicate!
  • Use famous quotes on YOUR picture (see below) Or- something I learned in my pharma days: you want to use a picture that shows WHO you are talking to or about.  Paint that picture for them.  I did many health benefit posts and Id google image a picture of a person with IBS or a migraine to go with my testimony.  A person that suffers from that issue will immediately relate to the picture and probably stop to read my testimony.  If your target audience is 35-55 year olds.  Find transformations of women in THOSE age groups.
  • Be of the TIMES.  If its a holiday, post tips and things leading up to that as well as after.  At Christmas I usually post some of my favorite gift ideas.  4th of July a recipe to take to a cook out.  You get the idea.  Every month has a holiday, work those in ;-)
  • People stop and look at images more than words.  Make yours POP with personality and color.  I use to create my pictures and make them visually “attractive”.  They have a free and paid version.  There are tons of you tube tutorials on how to use the site.
  • Don't get in an argument on FB.  You can disagree, or enlighten (as I like to call it)  Be firm, but respectful.  If someone is out of line, show them the classy way to respond.  If they are abusive, delete the comment and block them asap.  If you need support, ask for it in the refinery and we will come to rally.  People are always watching you and how you carry yourself.  And if you get shitty back, if reflects poorly on you.  #beclassy
  • Google is your best friend :-)
  • THIS ONE IS COMPLETELY MY OWN PERSONAL PREFERENCE and OPINION!     Be mindful of very controversial topics.  Religion, politics, abortion, death penalty, etc.  I personally, try and either avoid them all together or in the case of religion, show in my actionsthe kind of values I live by and trust that my audience can connect the dots.    Im a firm believer in actions speak louder than words, and I let those actions present more than me posting my faith.  Not to say that I haven't, because I have on occasion.
  • Unfortunately, I feel too many  people (especially of late) promote and sometimes exploit God (mostly) to sell their brand.   I personally feel spirituality and God are respected most by the actions we live by and how we treat others, not the words in which we preach on Social Media.    I believe the audience I want to attract can CLEARLY see my integrity and faith without me consistently posting about it.  Again, this is ME, and my preference.   I feel that coach Elizabeth Hartke does a BEAUTIFUL and CLASSY expression in her faith to God on her timeline and if you want to share your faith, then she is a GREAT coach to follow.   I also know 100% she is truly of real faith and  not of what I call "marketing" faith.
  • The last controversial topic is sharing your Income.  This business is unique because people don't REALLY know what you earn.  And most people have been told all kinds of yucky business success stories with no real truth behind them making it that much more valid to share your income publicly.  Personally, I don't feel comfortable sharing it publicly on the world wide web for many reasons.  I like to have control over who knows what I earn.  However, in my private conversations, with my team and people I trust I have full transparency with what I earn.  Some coaches will share it on their timeline and not think twice.  Again, similar to faith, I feel that if Im living a life of freedom, and showing what this business has done for me, a person truly following me can connect the dots that I earn a good living and this business provides a good life for my family.  I trust that I have smart followers ;-)  If you are just starting out, share what you have PAID FOR, like your power bill, your kids hockey uniform, your manicure, your family trip to Disney.  Those things are a BIG DEAL to the majority of people.   I have seen coaches do a GREAT job sharing their income publicly in a post, its just personally, not for me.  Again, these are my personal preferences, you can share these topics as you wish and what is most natural for YOU.


Leave stand out comments (personal, put some thought into it.  Not “great!” or “cool!”  Genuine complements make friends <3

Private messaging them to chat non-BB.  How were your holidays? Weekend? I saw you ____.  Ask open ended questions.  Be interested.

Trust the friendship process.  Most of the time BB comes up in convo BY THEM. ;-)

Tips to lose weight
Tips to lose weight

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