Tips on Attraction Marketing on Social Media and Your Personal Brand 1)  Know your Target Audience and Speak to THEM

2) Don't be phony or someone else, be true to who YOU are

3)  You are unique, let that show.  No one respects copycats

4) Embrace and share your strengths and passions

Guess what?!?

You are 100% correct in that you WILL put some people off. Here is the thing, you do NOT want to be "VANILLA"! Who wants to be THAT?! You are celebrating you and your life SPICE.

I see people in my Facebook feed I dont "connect" with. Im sure they dont connect with me, either. Sharing is about putting your loves and passion out there and knowing who you want to ATTRACT. You dont want to attract everybody. You want to attract people that connect with, are inspired by and want to be led by YOUR style and spirit.

Believe in ABUNDANCE. There are thousands of people out there that love watching you live your life JAM everyday. Speak to THEM.

Whether they are a sister, best friend or random FB person they are seeing you as THEY are, not as YOU are. Dont take anything personal.

Seay Stanford Facebook mark
Seay Stanford Facebook mark

If someone doesnt like my nutrition, sassy, sometimes even vanity-type posts, thats ok. Im sure there are moms out there that think Im self absorbed with selfies or a nutrition hard-ass. I am marketing MY LIFE and how I LIVE it. Would that mom sitting there uncomfortable with or judging my pictures or lifestyle be a good fit for my team......NO. Would the person who doesnt "get" nutrition and were prefer to take short cuts appreciate my passion.....NO. Im going to attract the mom sitting on the couch thinking, "I want to feel sexy again", "I desperately want that financial freedom" "Im tired of being sick and tired and spending a ton of money on medicine" etc and is driven to seek me out to make a change.

<a perfect fit >

Like attracts like

Mean Girls
Mean Girls

If someone JUDGES you for your posts, is that the kind of "team mate" (much less person) you'd really WANT in your life journey, anyway?

Bless and release, celebrate YOU, stay true to YOU and DANCE YOUR OWN DANCE. Embrace YOUR brand, and trust that you will attract exactly who your supposed to.

Be Elaine. Dance Like No One is Watching ;-)

Elaine Seinfeld
Elaine Seinfeld