Time Saving Meal Prep Tip

One of the most common complaints I hear is that we dont have TIME to cook (healthy) meals.  Then, what happens is we get so dang hungry that we end up devouring the first thing we come across, usually from a drive thru or vending machine.  I experienced this a lot while I was on the road all day in pharmaceutical sales. I have found that with a little bit of planning, you can stay on track with your healthy habits.  Its called "Meal duplication", or "Cook once, eat 3 times".

Create an "assembly line" of food prep and package it up in the right serving size containers, and you'll have it ready to go in your fridge to grab and go.  Its going to take just as long to bake ONE chicken breast, as it does three.  If your going to make one salad, why not make three!  I get my children involved in the process, too, to set great habits.   My daughters cut and wash the food and my toddler places the it in the containers.  On Sundays, we spend an hour of our family time with some music, candles dancing around the kitchen doing food prep.  We'll even do the duplication for their lunches and snacks.

Look in some cookbooks or online and pick two or three healthy meals for the week, and triple the recipe.  It saves money buying ingredients and keeps it simple.  Here are some ideas:

* Make your own "Greek Yogurt cups".  I eat my yogurt with honey, mint leaves and fresh blueberries.  Ill make several of these as ready to go snacks.

* Chili or crock pot dishes are GREAT for the cooler months.  You can even freeze the extra.

* Steel Cut Oatmeal you can make once and it will last for several days, and also freezes well.

* I buy fresh fruit at Whole foods and freeze in single serving bags.  These are great to quickly add to my Shakeology.

*  Here I made bags of Roasted Asian Veggies.  When I get home all I have to do is heat and eat.  Soooo easy!

This method works great even if your family eats differently than you.  Just duplicate their foods for them.  Food planning is a VITAL in your  quest for health.  It not only saves TIME, keeps you from binging, saves MONEY, but the prep can be spent as quality family time!

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Seay Stanford

Asian Roasted Veggies Four Servings
Asian Roasted Veggies Four Servings