My THREE best sales tips for Everyone

Ohhhhh the first week of my new coach apprentice group is officially here!! How do I know?? Because EVERY new coach of mine says the same thing...."I just don't want to come across as SALESY". Rest assured, that icky behavior we all despise is a CHOICE. We remember those desperate and overbearing people as bad EXPERIENCES and it puts a bad taste in our mouths for SALES, overall. However, I guarantee you've been sold something that you felt GREAT about more times than you realize. The difference is, you remember how that person made you FEEL and left you feeling heard, appreciated and that they probably provided you with VALUE. You never once felt...SOLD.

Here's my secret...

~ Sales isn't about TALKING....its about LISTENING. ~

If you ask great questions, listen to their needs, understand what they are looking for and show them value, they will feel heard, appreciated and that you offered them an appropriate solution. Sales isn't a "thing" you do, it's a connection you make. There is no difference in sales from what you would do in conversation with friends. It's all about CONNECTION.

Here's another tip:

~ Don't get attached to the OUTCOME. ~

The moment you put your needs and motives before someone else's, it is "salesy". Providing value with no expectations... is genuine. When was the last time you ate at an amazing new restaurant and told every one you knew about it, because you wanted them to share the same delightful experience you did? Or great movie? Or church sermon? Or amazing product? If I knew someone struggled with skipping breakfast, I'd share the reasons why it's slowing down their weight loss progress and offer easy solutions that make sense and what adding breakfast has done for me. Whether they continue to skip breakfast or not, is none of my business. It's theirs. As a friend you'd offer SOLUTIONS, regardless. What works for you may not sound great to every person you meet. But they work for YOU, you share why...and that's all that matters. Don't get attached to the outcome. Know that you shared your experience with an honest intention to add value to their life and move on.

And finally:

~ Don't take anything PERSONALLY ~

If they didn't go see the movie you suggested would you take it personally? People saying, "No" is about their lifestyle. If your INTENTIONS are to share what you enjoy and why it works for you and it doesn't resonate with them, that is okay because your INTENTIONS should be about helping THEM, not YOU. So why would you take that persoanlly??? I look at myself as a "teacher of healthy and balanced lifestyles" and you can't teach someone something they aren't interested in learning or applying. But that doesn't mean my lifestyle doesn't work for me. It means it either doesn't work for THEM or I could have maybe done a better job at showing them the value.

If you are looking to achieve sales numbers and they aren't happening for you, then revisit your deeper BELIEF in yourself, how you share your PASSION to others, and your INTENTIONS.

SALE is not a bad 4 letter word, we are all doing it all the time, developing skills to be a better sales person will help you in every aspect of your life because.... sales is all about adding value to other people and enriching their lives. Go to the site, do the training and radiate some light out into the world for all of the people trapped by the monotony and negativity put out there by the media, the government, the school systems, and damn near everyone else that does not do personal development.

"The best way to sell something: don't sell ANYTHING. Earn the awareness, trust and respect of those who might buy." ~ Rand Fishkin

At the end of the day....People buy from YOU ~ Seay Stanford