The "Secret" and Visualization: A Love Story  ASK. BELIEVE. RECEIVE: This love story connection is about BELIEF and VISUALIZATION and it's 100% True <3

I realize some of you will read this and think I was a silly school girl that just had a random coincidence. I'm ok with that. This kind of story isn't for everybody. But I do believe in what you THINK ABOUT you BRING ABOUT.....

In December 2007 I spent my second Christmas and New years ALONE. Not alone in friends, but alone in LOVE. I had been divorced for two years. Although dates were easy to come by, they were not fulfilling enough to stick with. Sophisticated men were not that fun. Fun guys were not that sophisticated. Some men wanted children, or future wives that didn't already have children of their own. Most men were Mr Right now, but not Mr Right...for me. Or they just flat out lacked chemistry. And you can't change THAT! I began to think I was being TOO PICKY and unrealistic. I also kept telling myself, "I'm never going to meet the right guy". THAT is the message I put out there. That Christmas break I watched many movies, but these two in particular inspired me to change my way thinking.....

One was The Wedding Date. A movie about a dateless girl that hired a male escort to be her wedding date in London. Purely to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Dermot Mulroney was this totally sexy, sophisticated and fun British guy that escorts and falls in love with Debra Messing. I thought to myself (beside the silly school girl love movie infatuation) that THAT was the kind of guy I WANTED IN MY LIFE!! His character was everything I wanted in a man (minus the escort PLUS- the whole British international-witty-humor-thing made him even MORE desirable. tongue emoticon

The other was The Secret. A movie about the power of visualization. That your THOUGHTS ATTRACT YOUR LIFE. That "All that we are, is a result of what we have thought."- Buddha. Hmmm---what messages had *I* been telling myself??? Yeah- the concept is kinda of far-fetched at first but given the state of my love life "I didn't really have anything to lose....right? I mean it was just THINKING DIFFERENTLY, anyway."

Since my current romantic life wasn't exactly a love story fit for big screen, heck it was barely interesting enough to post on MySpace...I figured why not TRY IT.

I bought the DVD, placed it on my bed side table and before bed most nights I'd visualize a man like Dermot coming into my life. That one day we'd be married and he'd be lying in bed next to me for the rest of our lives. I even visualized all the way down to the last detail of him being BRITISH. (Hey WHY NOT- it's just silly visualization right?) Why not VISUALIZE BIG- even if it meant seriously decreasing my odds of this guy actually happening. I did it most nights for weeks and weeks. Until eventually the DVD fell behind the dresser and I'd forgotten about it. It was a good try for a while, but eh, he never came.

Then....February 16, 2008. A random night at the Blue Martini night club I crossed paths with Neil Stanford. It took until really getting to know Neil that he was in fact- everything I had been visualizing. Even down to the fact that he was .... 100% British. <3

The rest is history. A year later when moving furniture I found that DVD case behind the dresser and it was like an old friend reminding me to continue to choose my thoughts wisely.

Did I attract him to me? Or would it have happened either way? Who knows. Regardless, I believe that we have two choices. We can think POSITIVE and in BELIEF or we can think in NEGATIVE and FEAR. It doesn't really hurt nor does it take too much effort either way, it's a simple CHOICE.

So MAYBE, just maybe, IF OUR THOUGHTS ACTUALLY CREATE OUR FUTURE, choose to make them count....

<3 Just a thought little to put out there <3