I've been involved in the fitness industry for

20+ years as a trainer, instructor, Les Mills national trainer, and health club owner.

During the test group, my wife and I committed 100% to following The Master's Hammer and Chisel without missing a workout and followed the nutrition plan exactly as we were advised by the program. NEVER has my body (nor my wife's) undergone such a dramatic transformation. My results were so profound that I ended up competing in my first NPC physique competition at the age of 47 (after one round of the program). I placed 5th out of 10 in my division.

Hammer and Chisel
Hammer and Chisel

We can't say enough positive things about this program and what it's going to mean for people. As a fitness professional, and as a result of our test group transformations, I now firmly believe that The Master's Hammer and Chisel is the most effective 60-day fitness program ever created. The broad diversity of the many unique workouts combined with the dialed-in nutrition planning makes it a program for the ages. I know these are bold statements, but there's no way for me to feel otherwise after seeing and feeling our results and so many others from the test group.

In terms of my history with fitness, I've been active and fit for most of my life. However, I fell off a bit after our son, Cole, was born in Jan 2014. Tammy and I also moved three times in the past 18 months, causing us to miss workouts and skimp on healthy nutrition more than usual. I softened and felt a bit "blah". The same can be said for Tammy who also suffers from hypothyroidism and an autoimmunity disorder called, Hashimoto's. She had largely healed many of her symptoms through a strict nutrition strategy prior to the program, but the program taught her portion control with her food (gluten free, dairy free, soy free). She also commutes 2 hours each way to NYC, working for a hedge fund, and tends to our 22 month old son, Cole, as much as possible. The Master's Hammer and Chisel has become our ultimate game-changer for staying very healthy and fit, despite all the responsibility. We'll never stop the lifestyle that it has taught us.

THANK YOU, Autumn Calabrese, Sagi Kalev, and Beachbody for the creation of this masterpiece. Tammy and I look forward to taking this program to the stratosphere. I believe every coach in the network has the ability to do the same. BECOME A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCT like never before, and inspire the world. ~Don and Tammy Murphy

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