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Strong Working Women Gain More Freedom

Then I’m talking to YOU, girlfriend!
Did you know 90% of my business partners are made of up independent thinking and driven WOMEN? 
Women that are: 
🌺stay at home moms
🌺single moms
🌺professional career women
What is unique is not what they DO, but how they THINK. 
What many of them have in common is that they:
🌼Want to earn their OWN income, to spend or save as THEY choose without permission.

🌼Want to contribute their energy to an environment that is very POSITIVE and supportive.

🌼Want to MATTER and make a difference to others outside of their family.

🌼See the need for a PLAN B, in the event their career, or their husband’s career, goes away.

🌼Are driven, busy and solution oriented.

🌼Want to RETIRE sooner and LIVE BETTER, when they do.

🌼Want to say YES to opportunities for their children, instead of “we can’t afford that”.

🌼Are in a job where they know they are WORTH way more than they are getting paid.

Have you ever thought ANY of these things? Do some even keep you up at night?? 🌙 Then keep reading…👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
One of my VISIONS for The Refinery was to offer a place and an opportunity that EMPOWERS women with this very MINDSET to be collaborate and grow a business TOGETHER. We are a team full of women that are drivers, not passengers. We have visions for ourselves and are willing to work and sacrifice for what we want.
One of the things I love MOST about my team, is that although we all have different life circumstances, we all have this SAME INDEPENDENT “I GOT this” kind of MINDSET. 
It feels so awesome to be in the JAM with like-minded women helping each other build our vision.

If you are cut from this same cloth, (yeah- you already KNOW who you are ladies), I want to talk with you! Why? 
Because you have that ambition that I am looking for and want to mentor. I know you have great ideas and your drive would be a GREAT ADDITION to our Refinery Team culture and we’d offer YOU an empowering environment that feels like HOME.
📌I am looking for FIVE women that fit this very mindset to closely mentor over the next 6 months. 
Isn't it time to stop watching and wishing start DOING and ACHIEVING? If you are a woman that has been feeling this way, like we all used to, then let's chat more. 🙆. Contact me me for details <3




⭐️For better or worse- Be totally AUTHENTIC.

🙈 Ha- if you know me, you know I suck at conformity. Even as a kid, I'd dance my own dance, even if it wasn't not popular. I have always preferred doing things by my own terms and inspiration.

Being in a leadership role for the majority of my life, through sports, careers and projects, I understand the importance of leading with one's strengths. I enjoy helping you discover your strengths so you that you develop those.

🏆 I WANT to see you embrace your unique thoughts and intellect, because I know those will EMPOWER you. I want to support you while failing forward and help grow into your own confident leader.

🏆 I want to hear what you have to say, not what you THINK I want to hear.

🏆 Insecurity is bred when you are not authentic and lack of originality stops you from SOARING. My intent is for you to become a more REFINED and stronger version of YOURSELF.

🏆 I want you to create a VISION for your life, and choose friends that fuel your soul, regardless of rank, profession, looks, popularity or financial worth. Know that- if someone wants you to be like them, do as they say and have you do things their way, IT WILL HOLD YOU BACK.

🏆 Give yourself credit to the value you can add to others, when you believe in and TRUST your own thoughts. There is little else that gives me greater reward than seeing you embrace your unique God-given strengths and applying them to achieve your OWN greatness.

🏆 Leadership isn't about doing it one way, being popular, or being agreeable, its about helping you discover and trusting YOUR VOICE so you can achieve your own VISION of GREATNESS.

👉🏼 Be the VOICE, not the Echo.

😶 Do you feel you've lost your voice somewhere along the way in life or maybe that your voice hasn't been fully discovered because no one has BELIEVED in you.

🏆 My vision of leadership is not just about you growing a business and having freedom, it's more about GROWING YOU as a PERSON. Because, let's face it, the business grows---> when YOU DO.

👉🏼 I'm looking to mentor people that are DONE with sitting on the bleacher's and are ready to do the work and BE IN THE GAME.


Seay Stanford

Seay Stanford