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Having Fake Breasts: Can we please toss the "insecure" STIGMA?: Episode 4

Having Fake Breasts:  Can we please toss out the "insecure" STIGMA?: Episode 4

Breast Implant Stigma

The STIGMA regarding fake breasts.....Gosh ya’ll I’ve never seen such passionate and opinion filled judgements regarding women and their BREAST SIZE.  And more so, their decision to get their breasts augmented and then removed, in the first place. 

Who KNEW it would be such a (1st world) opinionated TOPIC?? 😳

I’m going to raise my hand HIGH, here and say proudly that YES, I DO LOVE MY IMPLANTS.  ❤️

I am not a fan of how the implants have probably made me (and many other women) sick.

Sick enough, that as much as I admittedly love my boobies they ---> have gotta go. 🖕🏼 And to the point that I don’t even care if I’m super small chested afterwards. 

So often lately I've heard, “Love yourself enough..” or “Accept how God made you.”...or “She must have been so insecure about herself to get implants.”....and honestly, that judgement has GOT TO STOP.

Yes- as a psych major I 100% realize, body dysmorphic disorder is a real thing.  And so is low self esteem surrounding body image. But can we please agree that there are so many individual and positive OTHER reasons that women choose to alter their image.  

I'm not going to compare it to changing your hair color, spending a small monthly mortgage spent at Sephora, a LV handbag or even a swanky car, because yes- this IS a physically altering, surgery.   But DAMN people, don't judge us ladies that physically altered or improved what the gym or make up contouring, couldn't.

For me, I’ve been super athletic my entire life.  Played soccer in college, had a rock hard body, made friends easily and socializing and being a leader came easy to me.  Those that knew that pre-implanted boob "Seay"  was confident in both candor and dress.

But guess what..  I LIKED the look of big breasts.  I was a Florida girl living in the 90’s. In that decade there was a BOOM of women having and getting implants.  Celebrity women, at my age back then like, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy and Anna Nicole Smith were leading the tabloids and had not only HUGE HOTNESS and sex appeal, but they also had one thing I didn’t….a VAVOOM BUST LINE.  To top the sensationalism off, in 1995 I worked at Hooters and it seemed, like “EVERYONE” was getting breast enhancements. At 22 years old, it just wasn’t a big deal to me.

I wasn’t “insecure” about my body.  I wanted (and still love) a curvy female body.  

So here I am, 23 years later.  I’ve had D cup breasts longer than I’ve NOT had breasts and after breastfeeding 3 children and gaining and losing weight I really have NO IDEA what my real breasts even look like.  🤣And yes, I’m prepared to grieve while accepting that I may not love my flat chest for a while after surgery.

My original pre-op breasts. 



And after my third set at 41 years old.


And men….Oh- My- Gosh.  Ya'll can be the meanest.  

There are women in this group who’s husbands have DIVORCED them, shut them out and have not supported their journey to health AT ALL once their wives decided to explant.    Now THAT, is total bullshit. Probably not a man worthy giving their life to in the first place if you ask me.

I want to get this off my chest (pardon the pun) and let it be known that I feel choosing to have any physical alteration if it makes you HAPPY, is ok if for the RIGHT reason.  It bothers me when people are so quick to judge women and assume they are pathetic and must be insecure.


If someone has made you to feel that way, you don’t need their validation, much less their opinion.    And if you are like me, and feel a little foolish that it took you this long to realize it was your beloved implants that have been your nemesis all along making you sick, know that like me, you were duped into thinking breast implants were safe like all of us were duped by plastic surgeons and junk science by manufacturers telling us they are safe.  It’s ok to feel bummed and disappointed.


Am I going to miss the look of my implants (and the look on my husbands face when he sees them)?  Ummmm YES. I may even STARE at yours in total envy that yours haven’t made you sick.  (or they haven’t just yet)

But for me, I’M DONE.  I need my health and vitality back more than I need these big heavy toxic bags.  And Neil understands, supports and respects that. Heck- he’d be thrilled if I could return to my pre-sick weight and start playing soccer again.


And what’s more, with such a huge #BreastImplantIllness awareness movement, among women like me, as well as celebrities and models, we are leading the trend (compared to the 90’s) that small breasts are not only healthy...but are totally sexy.

To Health and Happiness,

Seay XO


The 90's IMAGE was total breast, VOLUME. 

The 90's IMAGE was total breast, VOLUME.