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Incredible weight and health transformation from Jillian Mills!

Hey Ya’ll. 👋 In the midst of some life-changing events, I wanted to share. For those of you who don’t know, I suffered three tragic events within a three-week period, several years back:

⧫ I lost my father to cancer
⧫ I lost my career to a company-wide layoff
⧫ My mom became symptomatic with Alzheimer’s

For nearly a solid decade my health was torn down from stress, grief and the chaos that had become my life. I developed:
💥high blood pressure
😩severe depression
😞insane weight gain
😷horrific chronic pain from three autoimmune diseases that were out of control….and a host of other health issues
😲Eventually, I had catastrophic vision loss and was blacking out and falling.

I had been warned endlessly by doctors that I had to make some changes. It wasn’t until a nurse friend of mine very sternly told me that I was on a path to die💀 before my mother that the magnitude hit home. I was stunned. 😦 I knew I was ill. I was in denial as to how bad I’d really gotten. I was a caregiver who’d lost sight of me. It was about taking care of someone I loved, period. But, now, I was putting her in jeopardy by going down a path that might leave her without me. And, so it began…my journey to wellness. 💪

When I recognized I had to fight 👊to regain my health, I also recognized I didn’t have the energy to go through trial and error. I needed guidance, support and the right tools. 🔧 Enter: Beachbody. I wasn’t interested in simply losing weight, though I desperately needed to lose. And, I certainly wasn’t interested in killing myself to lose weight only to regain it because I didn’t learn how to maintain it. Through the unparalleled products and tools, amazing support systems and the guidance of my coach, I embarked on my road to recovery. 
My current state is:
⚖Over 60 lbs lost - though the weight isn’t my biggest accomplishment. 
🙀I went from regular cortisone shots in both knees to taking knee replacements off the table. 
🙌For the first time in over 10 years, I have no symptoms (And, no pain!) from my autoimmune conditions. 
💤I sleep without aids! 
🏃I have energy for the first time in a decade. 
🙋I’m getting healthier every day - the weight loss is just a side effect…an awesome one!

Now, my mom isn’t at risk of her caregiver dropping dead at any moment.💀 And, while, I can’t bring my father back, I know he would be proud of me…especially now, as I embark on my new career as a Beachbody Coach. 🙌Yep! I know what it’s like to be very ill along with the struggles of being overweight. It’s not enough that I figured it out. I want to share it with others! With my academic history in nutrition, I’ve got all my prerequisites in place to test for certification as a health coach. But, my resume is this: 
✋I’ve been there. 
👉I’ve lived it. 
👍I totally get it. 
And, I’ve come out the other side. If you want to be healthy and fit, 💪you don’t have to try to figure it out on your own. 
It would be my honor🙇 if you would allow me to pay forward the amazing health transformation Beachbody has done for me, TO YOU by meeting you 🤝wherever you are on your journey and walking you through to your fullest potential and possibly the best health of your life.

- Jillian Mills

Jillian Mills