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My 550 CC Implants are Outta Here!

My 550 CC Implants are Outta Here!

My 550 CC Implants are Outta Here!

YES- my shirt reads, “RESTORED BACK TO THE 1972 MAKE and MODEL” 😂
And YES- these are MY ACTUAL IMPLANTS- the 550cc silicone ones I carried inside of me since 2011.
My 2 week post op was today and I’m healing well. I have a small infection that should resolve in the next few days. Many of you have asked how I’m healing...
1) My eye “floaters” are completely gone. 
2) My painful arm pit lymph nodes cysts have completely dried up and disappeared. I had these for the past six months and doctors said the only way to treat them would be to have them drained. 14 days post op and they are GONE! 
3) My dry and red eyes look so much younger and white. 
My sleep is worse as my hormones are all over the place as my body is naturally detoxing the 40+ toxins found in every silicone shell. I go from sweating profusely to freezing. Totally normal after explant. I got sick slowly and the full healing can take up to a year. I’m doing weekly massage and cupping therapy to help the detox process. 
If you have odd or annoying GI, nerve, skin or endocrine type-symptoms that are similar to autoimmune, or have developed an autoimmune disease, then know they are probably early symptoms of breast implant illness. I was in denial for quite some time and after learning what I now know that the implant, FDA and doctors don’t want us to know, I’m SOOO HAPPY these toxic tata’s are now a conversation piece in my living room and not jacking up my body any longer. 🦋
The Heal is Real ladies!


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Breast Implant Illness Post Op Healing

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 3.50.45 PM.png

😮 The EYES and FACE...

That’s where you notice the HEALING from BII, first!

When your body isn’t fighting the toxic foreign object inside of you, inflammation goes down and your:

👀Eyes become whiter and brighter

❤️Skin becomes less red & more fresh

🌸Face becomes less puffy. 

Same lighting and time of day. No make up. No difference in what I ate the night before. 

Just 15 HOURS since getting toxic bags out and my body is already starting to HEAL! It can take up to a year (even two) for total healing but already there’s improvement 🌸🌸🌸

🙌🏼 The Heal is Real! 

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Probiotic after Antibiotic

🚨GUT CHECK FOLKS--> How many of you always PROBIOTIC after you ANTIBIOTIC? 

Nothing will destroy your gut biome more than a course of antibiotics and RARELY will doctors stress the importance of probiotics after treatment. ☠️

🤷🏼‍♀️Why is this so important? Because the state of your GUT dictates the state of your entire HEATH. 🥀🍂

🛑You probably have POOR gut health if you often have:
- Low energy😴
- Bloating, Diarrhea & gas💨💩
- Sugar Cravings 🍫
- Bad Breath 😷
- Food Sensitivies 🤐
- Anxiety, Depression 🤭
- Skin problems like Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Acne♨️
- Diabetes🌡
- Frequent Sickness or stay sick 🤧

💊💊I've been on TWO courses of Antibiotics since my breast implant removal surgery 5 weeks ago. 
My gut health is already a MESS from the breast implant toxicity (very common if you have implants by the way), but with antibiotics on TOP of that- my gut needs some really good fertilizer! 🌱

🌸This probiotic shake I make not only has one of the HIGHEST quality of probiotics on the market to restore my health, but it also tastes like a chocolate dessert! 🍩- WIN WIN!

😊If you've not actively restored your gut the past few months, especially if you've been on antibiotics, or if the above symptoms are frequent for you, I strongly suggest trying my digestive/probiotic shake concoction for 30 days straight as a healthy kick start.📈

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 3.45.03 PM.png



The SNEAKY SYMPTOMS of Breast Implant Illness: Episode 3

The SNEAKY SYMPTOMS of Breast Implant Illness: Episode 3

“How can you be certain that it’s your implants that are keeping you sick?”

Well...truthfully, I can’t.  I can only SUSPECT.

“How do know you’ll get better once they are out?”

Well...truthfully, I don’t.  I can only HOPE.

Breast Implant Symptoms

What I CAN say is that I have come to realize that I’ve had many of the symptoms at one point or another, for YEARS.   I've had three sets of implants over the past 23 years.   The problem is that the symptoms are fleeting in both duration and intensity. It’s like trying to capture a moving target that is neither consistent nor predictable.  But you KNOW it's there and know that you don't feel right from the inside, out.

The symptoms are sneaky and fleeting and are often chalked up to hormones, stress, age, anxiety, something we ate, the weather and even maybe our mother in law coming to dinner.  LMAO

When I first saw the extensive list of symptoms a year ago (I call it my denial phase) I literally rolled my eyes and thought “Good Lord- well this list is so extensive that Breast Implant Illness could be in ANY and EVERY body!  Shit- I bet even my husband has this illness! 😂   This list is ridiculous and it’s just another site trying to make people think they have an issue when they don’t. BII is NOT REAL because implants are safe and I know tons of friends with them, that are FINE!”

The irony was that even with that list right in front of me, and suffering from 80% of the symptoms on that list with still no answer or diagnosis, I DENIED that BII could be a real issue, and most of all-->  MY issue.  Again, the symptoms are sneaky, fleeting and inconconsistent.        Click for full List of SYMPTOMS

What I DID notice was that when I was MOST SICK, were also times when I was MOST STRESSED. For me 2015 was the year of a huge amount of work and personal stress for me and that stress, opened an internal and seemingly irreversible, floodgate.    

It’s like all the little random symptoms were now on hyperdrive ALL AT ONCE. And if I didn’t eat clean, forgot to drink my plant-based vitamin shake, or had a cocktail, I felt worse for a REALLY LONG TIME.  My body really struggled to bounce back.  And keeping my vitality for any period of time was a constant struggle. Being certified in holistic nutrition, I knew vitality shouldnt be this difficult when you are fueling your body well.  Gosh- how much WORSE would I actually be if I didn’t at least eat clean, healthy well-balanced meals and drank a ton of water??? 😳

The two most concerning symptoms for me was the 40 pound weight gain the past 3 years.  Despite rigorous exercise (actually intense fitness makes my symptoms and inflammation, WORSE) and a growing amount of foods that my body just can't tolerate.  

My FOOD SENSITIVITIES WERE OUT OF CONTROL!   Knowing that is a sign of leaky gut, I went on a very strict auto-immune type gut-healing meal plan. It worked, but only for the short term.  Here is who I used for my MRT Food Sensitivity Testing.

For the past two years, when I eat, my stomach swells to the size of looking 9 months pregnant shortly after EVERY meal.  I have people ask me “how many more weeks until your due date” in public to the point where I don’t want to leave my house.  I didn’t want to socialize or be in pictures. My best friend even said, “if I didn’t see your abdomen swell before my eyes, I wouldn’t believe it!”

Thirty minutes after eating a dinner of veggies and grilled chicken.  May 2018

Thirty minutes after eating a dinner of veggies and grilled chicken.  May 2018

12 Hours Later.  The extreme bloat goes down, until my next meal, again.

12 Hours Later.  The extreme bloat goes down, until my next meal, again.

In addition to weight gain and extreme food sensitivities I also experience intermittent:

- Chronic fatigue

- Heart Palpitations (like having  an anxiety attack)

- Vitamin B12, D and Magnesium deficiencies

- Painful Hormonal cysts in armpit lymph nodes

- Mental fog, difficulty concentrating and loss for words. (sometimes I thought I had early onset dementia)

- Joint pain and muscle fatigue (sometimes I was exhausted and in pain walking to the mailbox)

- Blurred vision despite vision and wearing glasses (like being drunk, but not)

- A lot of floaters, like looking through dirty glasses.  These have doubled the past few months.

- Hair loss

- Dry, red eyes

- Numbness in extremities (this I’ve noticed since my 20’s and thought maybe I had MS it would be so bad sometimes, and recently it’s gotten worse)

- Ear pressure and popping

- Parasites (yeah..gross, I know)

Over the years I’d go down deep rabbit holes of research for each and every symptom.  I have spent over $20,000 on medical tests, blood tests, neurological tests, GI tests, Cat Scans all to come back….NORMAL.  And that "your fine".

In March, I joined a facebook group with over 40k women that were living my exact story, It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I needed to know scientifically WHY BII is a real thing and HOW.   My symptoms are a response to the chronic INFLAMMATION and living with a high level IMMUNE RESPONSE from my IMPLANTS.


One theme within the group, is that 95% of physicians in the US won't acknowledge when asked about BII or if it could be the root of our problems.

Because I have chased every symptom and ruled so many options out over the past 3 years, I believe that Breast Implant Illness is the common denominator.  THEY were the first domino that cascaded a 23 year long series of random and deteriorating health issues for me.  And, what's more interesting,  90% of women in this BII group (many even worse off than I am) get better and are symptom free, within a YEAR of explanting.  

Yes- it's true that you may have hormone issues.  

Yes- cancer may run in your family.  

Yes- you may have had Lyme, EBV, Hashimotos, Digestive Issues BEFORE your implants, but the point I want to stress is that implants can significantly EXACERBATE those already existing issues and genetic traits.  

They certainly don’t HELP your body fight any fight you are predispositioned to.  They throw toxic gasoline on them.

I explained in my my first post WHY breast implants wreak havoc on our body and in my second post I shared pictures of HOW they do it.  In case you missed those previous posts, you can click on the links here.

The symptoms are sneaky and I would have NEVER guessed my implants were to blame for my health issues. But I am, nor are you, alone.  We are spreading awareness, one person at a time.  In fact if you google, you’ll see a bunch of Playboy Models are having theirs removed too. They obviously make an income off their looks so if it’s seriously enough to them to look into this, anyone with implants should. Some of them are in our Facebook support group and trying to raise awareness. 🙌🏼

This was me 40 pounds lighter, shortly after getting my (third set of) implants and a year before all my symptoms started becoming more severe....

Breast Implant saftey


Hoping to have my health, vitality, smaller chest, smaller belly and smaller body back after explanting these toxic bags on May 22.