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The National Center for health said that for the first time in history, our children will have a life expectancy less than their parents. Thats a pretty grim statistic for a time when we have access to more health care and food is plentiful.

However, food being plentiful and nutrition being plentiful are two very different things.  Much of food now a days is nutritionally depleted of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  

Especially kid food.

If your children are like mine, they would live off of Mac n Cheese, hot dogs, pizza and chicken nuggets.  Oh…and ketchup would be considered a vegetable….LOL

Most kids are eating a diet made up of processed foods and refined sugar.  Let’s face it, kids are kids and they want “kid food” and as busy parents, kid food is easy and quick.  Gut health is the number one precursor to everything in our body.  It dictates, our mood (the gut has more serotonin receptors than even our brain!), our immune system and how healthy we stay vs how often we get sick, as well as our brain development.

Think of the paradox, that at a time our children’s bodies & brains are developing rapidly, and are exposed to a ton of germs at schools & play grounds, they are getting the least amount of quality nutrients.

What are the differences between Daily Sunshine and Shakeology?

  1. When I look for a nutritionally balanced product, it’s going to have the right balance of quality fats, carbs, and proteins.

    Shakeology has 16/18g depending of the flavor.  That could be a lot of protein for their little bodies to digest.  Daily Sunshine has 8g, so it’s much more moderate and controllable.  By controllable, I mean that if our child needs more protein, we can easily add greek yogurt or milk to their shake to amp up the protein.  Also, the protein source in Daily Sunshine is plant based, the cleanest most nutrient & fiber sense protein available, compared to animal protein.

    Healthy Fats:  Shakeology has none.  Daily Sunshine, does,  Healthy fats are needed for brain function and development.  Kids (and most adults) don’t get a good source of healthy fats, otherwise.  

2)  Ingredients.  Shakeology has 72 magnificent super foods. Many of which have been used for thousands of years medicinally and for vitality by our ancestors.  However, if someone has food sensitivities, or are concerned with specific allergies, Shakeology could be a problem.  Daily Sunshine has FIVE superfood ingredients, there for making it a much more controllable product.  And those FIVE ingredients are made up from fruits & vegetables.  And of those fruits and vegetables, the ones used contain healthy fats and pre/ probiotics.  

Also, with because Daily Sunshine has fewer ingredients, it is easier to get “certified” labels.  With Shakeology having 72, each ingredient would have to individually be certified, which would drive the cost of Shakeology per bag up to a small mortgage.  Daily Sunshine, only having five, enables the certified organic & pediatrician certified.  And for some, having that certified label, matters.

3) Flavor profile:  The flavor profile of Shakeology may too “sophisticated” for kids.  Daily Sunshine was created to be more appealing to a Childs pallet.  It comes in a chocolate, which resembles more of a chocolate milk and fruit, which resembles a fruit smoothie.  And both can be modified with nut butters & fruits to appeal even more-so.  

So why invest in daily sunshine for the kiddos?  

At $4.30/ day many people would say that’s too much for a meal.  Especially when they can make something else for much less.  However, consider this…

  1. IMMUNITY: Is your child sick more than once or twice a year?  If so, who takes the time off work to care for them?  Do you lose income or productivity each time you are home with them? How much is the doctor co-pay or clinic visit each time? How much do you spend on medicine?  Do your other kids often get sick as a result of another one?  Do they miss valuable school days, sports or activities each time they are sick?  The cumulative and cost of our kids being sick adds up in both time and money.

  2. If you could invest in one thing, why not make it the one meal a day that fuels their development, enhances their brain function, builds a strong immune system all through providing them powerful whole food vitamins (compared to synthetic ones), nutrients & probiotics.  By investing in that one thing, you are also  investing in so many other benefits with their academic and sports performance.  

  3. And hey- it’s super EASY & PORTABLE!

For me, Daily Sunshine is INSURANCE.  It’s the one thing I can give them that I can count on to make up for what they may be missing nutritionally, otherwise.  Sure my kids are gonna be kids and as a mom, I can’t control everything they eat, but I can at least make sure they are making the most of what their body needs with Daily Sunshine. It’s the one thing I can control, and has benefits beyond just another meal.  

Re Pediasure: For those children that struggle to GAIN weight and pediasure is suggested. Daily Sunshine is a healtier, more nutritionally balanced option. Plus, instead of artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, Daily SUnshine contains probiotics and natural ingredients enhancing their nutrient absorbsion. Just add extra good fats & protein to boost the caloric load up to their suggested reccommedation.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 8.31.21 AM.png

As a fun treat, you can even make no-bake cookies or freezer pops with it for treats that they will have no idea are actually good for them!



Protein Bars: Reading Beyond the Labels

Most folks will look at an ingredient label and immediately gravitate over to the “Fats, Carbs & Protein” categories to compare. While that is a great start, those numbers only tell a small portion of the story.

For those of you wanting to level up your nutrition sophistication, I’ll share what ELSE to look for and WHY.

Protein Bars Healthy Comparison


Most folks don’t realize that as a society, we are more deficient in fiber and nutrients than we are in protein. Which makes it super ironic we are all in search of more protein sources in foods, shakes and bars. When in reality, we desperately need more fiber and nutrients per calorie.

Do you know how much protein you need each day? The average for a sedentary man is 56g and for the average sedentary woman…..46 grams per day. The more active you are, the more you should consume, but I’m guessing the majority of us are just fine with our daily protein consumption.

Also, protein isn’t just found in animals. Many plants, nuts, and legumes contain protein. In some cases, even more than animal products. Plant based proteins are beneficial because they contain more vitamins, minerals and fiber than animal protein. Calorie for calorie, plant based protein packs way more of a protein power punch in its nutrition profile.

Where companies cheat with protein…is with processed SOY. Not only is processed soy very similar to its GMO-franken-food cousin corn, processed soy is also very, very cheap for food companies to manufacture, which increases their profit margin.

Nutritionally, processed soy, also known as soy protein isolate, has none of the carbs, fat or fiber that makes natural soy so healthy. What it does have is a high concentration of isoflavones, which can increase human estrogen levels. The studies go back and forth on the saftey of soy. The concern is that the increased estrogen levels may increase/exacerbate breast cancer, thyroid problems, and dementia. Because soy is so cheap to manufacture in food, like corn, it is found in many sources of food you may not even realize. Personally, I prefer to choose companies and products that avoid processed soy and choose a cleaner plant protein source.


Not all carbs are created equal.

In fact, we need FIBER carbs! The minimum ratio is for every 10 carbs there should be at least 1 gram of Fiber on the label. The more fiber/ carb, the better!

The average man requires a minimum of 35 grams, and woman, 25 grams of fiber per day. On average, we consume 5-6/ day. Personally, I shoot for 50-60 grams of fiber per day.

Why the fuss with fiber?

One, fiber is an appetite suppressant.

Two, it keeps your bowels moving.

Three, its acts as a “scrub brush” cleaning out the processed trash that gets lodged in our GI tract.

Four, nutritionally, high amounts of daily fiber has been shown to reduce cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Many fibers, are packed with nutrients/minerals and vitamins as well as….PROTEIN.

Here’s a list of fiber packed foods, and all the additional benefits of consuming fiber.

If you have ever done a low carb diet before, you have heard “Deduct the fiber from the total carbs for your net carbs”. Fiber isn’t digested. It goes THROUGH you, not IN you. So the carbs from fiber don’t get absorbed.

Bottom line when it comes to carbs, the more fiber…the better, baby! The higher the ratio, the stronger the product!

SALT 101:

Like carbs, fats and proteins, not all salts are created equal either. Himalayan salt’s unique process of crystalization aides in the elcotrolites opening the cell walls to aide in you absorbing minerals. Unlike cheap iodized table salts, Himalayan salts have a list of health benefits.

So back to the “protein bar” comparison. There is much more nutritional quality & balance in the Beach bars. The fiber/ carb ratio, the protien source and the salt source, specifically.

Are they more expensive? Well…yes. They weren’t designed to be cheap. They were designed for the nutitional geeks that know how to read beyond the basics & happily pay for that sophisticated quality.

Consuming a snack like this is ideal, because like any of the best quality foods, you ideally want to get the most nutrition per packed calorie, possible. The beach bars make it super simple and ridiculiusly delicious.

There are many choices of bars on the market. I hope after reading this that you too are more savvy in reading beyond all the labels in making the best choice for you, without being duped by what these companies are hoping, you don’t know!

Cheers to great health & sustained vitality!


Certified Holistic health Coach, IIN