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How to Have Work Freedom

🌟SEVEN YEARS AGO TODAY, one decision changed the entire trajectory of my life. 🌟

Up until that day, I accepted life the way many of us are taught:
🎓 Graduate from college. 
✈️ Get a great job. 
↗️ Advance in promotion through hard work and sacrifice.

🙄 Pfffft. Here’s what’s FALSE about that plan.
💣 Hard work and sacrifice isn’t enough, much less “safe”, when it comes to working in corporate.

There are politics and a heirachry. 
Ultimately, some one ELSE dictates your

time off, 
company worth,
and what really burned my chaps…your FREEDOM.

I didnt mind all the corporate politics for some time, until I was denied time off to travel to Europe.🌍

Shortly after that, my company was bought by another. They put fear of God into us that ANY of us could be LAYED OFF and we should sit and wait for that (possible) phone call.📞

Are you freaking KIDDING me? 🤯Years busting our ass and sacrificing for a company and THIS is the treatment and security we get? Where was the loyalty? I felt zero GRATITUDE for my years of sacrice.

I wasnt one of the ones to get the phone call that day, but many of my good friends and coworkers did. Many of them were left in financial devastation.

But mentally, I may as well have been laid off because I was DONE with that bullcrap. The “safe” career path clearly was nothing but, safe. I was wasn’t leaving my career and livilhood to someone else, ever again.

We are all just a number and it’s every man for ourselves in the corporate world. Survival of the best ass-kisser.

Had it not been for that strong feeling of resentment and need for change, Id probbly still be chained to that industry slaving away.

Look- people will and do mock network marketing and roll their eyes. But here’s the thing- It’s a genius business model. It is “like” corporate, but you get to be your own CEO.

In the seven years since saying “YES” to this business model Ive built an income more than what most surgeons and lawyers make after spending YEARS in and MONEY on school.

The network marketing business model isn’t just about unlimited earning potential, it’s also allowed us the freedom to spend more quality time with our children, 
to travel to more parts of the world, to say yes to more opportunities for our kids and
for me to have more quality time with my husband, compared to when I used to be a very watered down, exhausted version of myself.

🦋 I’m garteful for the discipline and grit my many years in corporate gave me. But more so Im grateful for what I showed me what I want more of in my life.

🖕🏼Seven years ago today I stopped caring about the social stigma of this business model and started caring more about designing a better life for my family.

🤷🏼‍♀️ You may be wondering if it’s too late for you. 
Or if your too old.

✖️No and No.

😍 Professionals at every age join my team every week. 
✅ I provide you the mentorship and positive supportive culture to SUCCEED and THRIVE in both business and in life.

If you have felt trapped and unappreciated in your career, know that this business model very well may be your solution. 😉

🤔 Just think…. 7 years from now, like me, you could be sharing the trajectory of how your life also changed from this one leap of faith.

💡Id love the opportunity to show you.

Seay STanford Anniversary