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Breast Implant Illness: From a NonBeliever to Healed!

My Entire Journey...with Pictures and Resource Links

Breast Implant Illness

For the past several years I've been public about my "mystery illnesses".   Several people did ask me privately if I'd considered it being my implants and I scoffed at them and thought "Oh what ever- it cant be that- they are safe!" 

If this is you, or sounds like a friend that you know, please know that I was that person too and have created this blog series for people that are thinking just like I did.  I share what I had to see and hear to finally open my mind for consideration.  I'm happy to say, that nearly 3 months after having them removed 80% of my symptoms are gone and I feel younger than ever.  I am grateful every single day for my health and vitality.  The Heal is real...Godspeed ladies.  


EPISODE 1 : Breast Implant Illness AHA Moment

EPISODE 2 :  Cause of BII

EPISODE 3  : Symptoms of BII

EPISODE 4 : Stigma and Judgement

EPISODE 5: Eve of Surgery "Balloon Release"