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Social Vibe Sunday: Trust

Trust quotes


Let's talk TRUST shall we? Relationships are these funny things. We let people get closer to us based on small tests of "trust" we give the relationship. Test's are sort of a "brumbcrumb" to relationship intimacy.

Can we trust this person with our heart? ♥️
Our emotions? 😟
To have our back? 💪
With money?💵
Their intentions? 😏
To want the best for us? 🏆
To listen and empathize? 🤔
Do their actions match their words? 🙈🙉🙊

Think about all the little things as your relationship progresses between new friends and partners that move the friendship TOWARDS or AWAY from TRUST.

I actually think someone can be totally trustworthy with one person, and hardly at all with another. I think it depends on the dynamics of the relationship and the level of value and respect it holds between the two people.

My point is, evaluate a relationship based on those trust checks and balances WITH YOU. Not with how they are with others.

Trust is the #1 foundation of any relationship. The more trust, the more it will sustain. And vice versa.
Those small breaks of trust, start as little cracks and later become sinkholes. Even though those holes can be repaired, they will never ever be the same. So just don't break them to begin with....

Be the kind of person YOU'D trust and invest in the people that continue to BUILD yours ❤️❤️❤️