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Lift4LOVE: Couples Challenge!


July 23- September 14

July 23- September 14

Neil and I have entered into a BATTLE ROYALE with some of our fav couples to create an 8 week fitness challenge like nothing we have ever run before!

We thought this would be not only totally FUN, but also a great way to BOND with our spouses, support one another in better health habits and also share ways to keep that FLAME alive in the process <3 

Neil and I personally have 8 couple spots remaining for our online fitness challenge kicking off on July 23 and running through September 14 and we'd LOVE to have you commit with us!!

Did I mention there is a $700 GRAND PRIZE?!  

If you want to spend 8 weeks alongside your significant other getting in great shape and improving your health TOGETHER while connecting to other incredible couples and having a shot to WIN weekly prizes as well as the grand prize- fill out the quick form below.

Now for the DEETS!

To keep every one on the same page, we will all be following the SAME virtual fitness program.

The program ENTAILS:
Resistance training
HIIT style workouts
ONLY 4 days/week
30 minutes/day
Full nutrition plan included. 
And you get CHEAT MEALS (our favorite part)! 🍾🍾🍾

Get ready to build lean muscle and burn fat in just 4 days a week with Super Trainer, Joel Freeman's newest no-nonsense workout program. You'll lift. You'll HIIT. You'll build. You'll burn. And then you'll rest with three strategically scheduled recovery days.

We are IN!  What's the COST?!

You will need to have one annual Beachbody on Demand streaming fitness app. and the early release of Liift4. 

You and your partner will need either one month of Shakeology OR our Pre-Workout/ Recovery Drink.  Nutrition is 80% and this makes it SO MUCH EASIER!  If you aren't sure which would be better for you, here are some ways to determine...

Do you or your spouse need:

Better digestion and regularity?

More Energy throughout the day?

Improved blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure or cholesterol?

To eat more vegetables & nutrients, but struggle?

Solutions for Travel or are super busy so you either skip meals or make poor choices?

Then you will want SHAKEOLOGY!

Do you or your spouse need:

A PUSH to get your through your workout but don't want to feel jittery or wired?

A way to alleviate soreness and lactic acid build up?

Then you will want ENERGIZE & RECOVER!

Ok- So...Here are the ONE TIME price bundles for your annual streaming fitness programs (Over 2,000 workouts), the equipment you  will need and either a month of Shakeology or Energize/ Recover. 

All bundles below include the meal plan and we will be sharing meal prep and recipes in our couples group!

LIIFT4, Beachbody on Demand with either Shakeology or Energize/Recover Bundle $170 total for challenge.

LIIFT4, Beachbody on Demand with either Shakeology or Energize/Recover Bundle $170 total for challenge.

What if I already have Beachbody on Demand & just need the LIIFT4 early access and either Shakeology or Energize/Recover?  ONE TIME pricing:

What if we want BOTH Shakeology AND the Energize/ Recover with our fitness program?


AHHHH We are SUPER EXCITED and want SERIOUS COUPLES ONLY!!  I mean hey- Im SUPER competitive and want a couple from MY TEAM to WIN!!  

As of RIGHT NOW we have EIGHT spots left!  You will need to COMMIT and order by Wednesday, July 18th to be ready to START on July 23!  Once you have ordered, I will add you to our LIIFT 4 LOVE private Facebook group and let the Couples party BEGIN!!

Order LINK:

Create or Enter Your account information > Challenge Packs > Choose Your Pack

Once you have ordered (or if you have questions) message me and I will add you to the group and get you and your partner started!  AHHH!!!  LET'S DO THIS!!!!


Seay and Neil, Jenee and Dave, Kymberly and Larry 



Maybe your spouse is wondering "What is Shakeology and Why do we need it?  Isn't it just another protein shake???"  If this is YOUR SPOUSE, then share this video with him or her regarding the health benefits of the 70 whole food ingredients....









The Million Dollar SCAM

I love when dumb asses say “people can’t make money in network marketing” or “it’s a scam- pyramid thing” 🙄🙄🙄. 
Probably because they’ve listened to the sour-grape people who half assed their business, gave up when it got hard, treated it as a hobby, were inconsistent or just assumed it’d come easy and when they didn’t succeed, they BLAMED the system. #noownership 
Have ya considered that the successful people are too busy succeeding, to sit back to bitch and blame. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Here’s to the silent grinders 🙌🏼. The ones with their heads down and that have pushed through the hard, the doubters, the haters, the long hours and most of all- the personal growth it takes to build your own business. 
💣Here’s a truth bomb: This business model WORKS....IF YOU DO. 
🤔How many million dollar earners has your “safe” corporate company created in the last 10 years?? Cause I bet we got LOTS more at the top of our “pyramid”. 🤣

The Million Dollar Earning Beachbody Coaches

The Million Dollar Earning Beachbody Coaches



You have to win in your HEAD before you can WIN in LIFE.

One of the biggest MYTHS I see people believe is that if their circumstances are DIFFERENT, then they will finally achieve the outcome they desire.

👈🏼👉🏼They blame OTHERS for their failures, mistakes and circumstances. They can't own their mistakes. It's always someone or something else. 🙄

I see it more often in business, but also in relationships.

👈🏼👉🏼When you give away your power by blaming others, you also give away the very opportunity to GROW in your own life. It may feel easier to do short term, but is more damaging to your growth in the long run.


You stay a victim and you will stay POWERLESS.😞

Feeling powerless will keep you STUCK and ANGRY.😡

And you take that internal angry victim mentality right along with you to the next business or relationship. The people and platform may change, but YOU haven't. 👈🏼
You and your SAME issues will eventually, resurface when the honeymoon is over.

😡😡😡 Surrounding yourself with others also stuck in that same powerless anger doesn't validate yours nor does it justify you.

🌟YOU validate, you.🌟

🌹Guess what- there will always be stuff that happens in life. We are always being given opportunities to mature. We ALL have insecure thoughts that get in our head, and we all have triggers that can make us defensive.

🤔 It's how well you can take ownership in them and GROW from them that will ultimately determine your happiness, mental freedom and long term quality of life.😊😊😊

🌷The grass is not only greener where you water it, but it also flourishes with the quality of fertilizer you FEED it. 🌹

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