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A soccer mom, looking back..

Seay Stanford Soccer

⚽️ Hello old friend. It’s been four long years since we’ve hung out.

⭐️ Ya’ll may or may not know that I played soccer most of my life. A little known fact about me is that in 1992, my sophomore year of college I was the 3rd leading scorer in the Nation, in Women’s Soccer, NCAA. I played for a Division 2 school in Charlotte, NC. 🏆

I was kinda a little 5’2” badass back in my day.

🇬🇧 The LOVE for this sport was what INITIALLY connected my British hubby Neil and I in conversation when we met randomly at a bar 10 years ago. 
💗 We later played club TOGETHER for several years until in 2014 when I started dealing with pain & fatigue from Breast Implant Illness and gaining too much weight.

This week, in our online couples fitness group, we had to share our first BIG GOAL and what achieving that goal, would mean to us. 🧐

🎯 My answer came to me in a NANOSECOND …. my LOVE and LONGING for this little black and white beauty was the FIRST THING I saw me returning to and felt in my heart.

Maybe it was because of world cup, but gosh I felt me missing this game so much. 😢
Right now I’m too heavy for my joints to play, first BIG goal when I lose 20 of my 40 pounds is to reunite with this old friend.

Even if it’s just briefly.

If you’ve grown up competitively playing a certain sport your entire life you KNOW EXACTLY what I mean.

There is NO FEELING quite like the one your heart feels after lacing up and stepping back on the old pitch, track, field, ice, court, ring or whatever space you once FREAKING OWNED. 🏆

Two months. That’s my goal. I’m laser focused on YOU.

We WILL reunite, once again my dear ole friend.