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Unleash Your Inner LEADER! - Part 1

Welcome to the



Why soooo vulgar?? LOL  Because if you are doing this MINDSET series you better BRACE YOURSELF for some CEO thinking truth bombs and tough love talk.  It's not designed to be MEAN, but we are here to 
EMPOWER you to think more like a CEO and BELIEVE and ACT like the  BADASS you are!

SO let's start this off with your first overall TRUTH BOMB and what you NEED to hear, not what
you WANT to hear!

Some TRUTH BOMBS are coming at ya. 💣

Are you ready to listen? Ok, brace yourself.

1. What worked in the past may not always continue to work. Cold FORM'ing doesn't work. People know it's coming and they are tired of Network Marketers inundating social media. Have a point of reference before you invite a stranger. Point of references can be a LIKE on your post or Like Page, a comment on a pic of yours, a follow on FB and IG, participating in a free group. WHATEVER it is, people don't want to be sold. They want to know you care first.

2. Freemiums (e-books, meal plans) are good but mean nothing if there isn't No. 1 first.

3. Do you truly know who you are? If you don't, you don't know who you even want to attract.

4. Story telling is KEY on Social Media. We have a million stories to share so stop sharing the same one over and over. Find different angles. But you must be speaking to your target audience.

5. Get uncomfortable and share your vulnerabilities. But that means nothing if you aren't making the stories relate to you audience. Because you need to be THEIR GUIDE through what you've already experienced. Use words and phrases like - I've been there. I was her. I know how you feel.

6. Don't try to motivate people. Find motivated people. Read that 183729292 times over. Are you post trying to motivate people or are you speaking to motivated people. Want to know what the secret sauce is to finding business builders? I just told you.

7. Don't default to intensity, default to consistency. You can never catch up and gain momentum if you are hustling only he last few days of the month. Income growth comes at the beginning of the month, middle of month and end of the month. Not just one of them.

8. Brand yourself to remove yourself from the crowd.

9. Being stuck is a mindset. It takes :: clap clap 👏 👏 :: a second to unstick yourself. You're just wasting time if you stay there.

10. Invest in your business. Are you investing in PD, ads training?

11. Stop taking yourself too seriously! Have fun, project good energy and SMILE while you work. It makes a hell of a difference!

Evaluate yourself. Be HONEST with yourself. Then fix, adjust or change.

Let's go Leaders. We need you!

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