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Dynasty Invite Surge – Part 3

How to INVITE through your public BILLBOARD

Seay Stanford shares tips on how to create emotion and subliminal value
through your posts.



CIM CARVER: The Blocking & Tackling
of INVITING…45 min





The Go For No book is thee most powerful mindset tool when you are in sales.  In this empowering video, hear about the book and it's concepts on how No's turn to Yes's and the more you get- the more you will GROW!



Why Should I Recruit 20 Coaches in
30 Days…25 min

HOW to PREP for 20 Coaches in 30 Days:
 Eric Worre…8 min



Talking to NEW PEOPLE, Setting GOALS & Missing them - Tulin…19 min

I pulled this video from a private group I am in that Carl Daikeler is hosting --- I think it was WELL WORTH the listen and really inspired ME to LEVEL UP!  Hope it does the SAME for YOU!