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Breast Implant: Removing the Toxic TaTa's

Finally feeling quite good today and ❤️SO LOVED❤️ after my authenticity surgery. 
My HEART is FULL and my TATA’s are REAL. Can I get an AMEN?! 😘
THANK YOU so much to all you AWESOMELY LOVING people out there that reached out to me this past week! 
And most of all to my kick ass mama and private nurse, Holly Hamman Creel!! No way would recovery be possible without quarterbacking everything from my meds, to food to running a full house of children on the last week of school! 
This weekend was TOUGH, as our body start to flush out toxins and naturally detoxes after implant removal. And that phase of healing hit me HARD this weekend. 
Our bodies are INCREDIBLE things. 
The HEAL is REAL! 🙌🏼

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What to know when choosing a Breast Implant...Explant Surgeon: Episode 2

How I almost hired Dr Dick and what you need to know about choosing your Explant Surgeon...

You're OUTTA Here!

You're OUTTA Here!


It’s been a week since I last shared about my upcoming EXPLANT and I have a significant lesson to share with you… (and in case you missed it)

 Although the BII Healing Website suggests not to go with your original surgeon, I once had a great experience with mine  so wanted to give him an opportunity to explant.

 THANK GOODNESS the website also warned me that MOST plastic surgeons will likely give you a really crappy reaction if you bring up Breast Implant Illness, performing en blocs, and that you should be totally prepared to walk away during the consult if your surgeon gives you ANY push back.

But I thought, “Eh...not MY surgeon, he’s such a nice guy!  And he’s done my last TWO implant surgeries!”

My once lovely and kind PS was a total CONDESCENDING PRICK like I’ve never seen before. 😭.

I’m a very educated and professional woman, a strong advocate for holistic health and he made me feel like a dumb bimbo hypochondriac and literally said, “sounds like you’ve been on those crazy websites that scare people into thinking their implants are the cause of their illness.” He went on questioning me with a condescending tone re the “real source” of my many symptoms.

 “I feel like you are making me feel crazy, for wanting my implants out.” I said.

“Crazy?  I didn’t SAY you were crazy.  But do you feel you are?”


Wait...WHAT….THE…. F*CK???????


It was at this point last Monday I began SHAKING.  This was EXACTLY what the site fore-warned me about.  I just couldn't believe MY doctor would turn from Mr Sweet to Dr DICK.

I pulled myself together enough, knowing I HAD TO WALK AWAY from both him and my surgery date.  “You may be PHYSICALLY capable of doing my surgery but we are not MENTALLY aligned - so to not waste any more of our time, I’m going elsewhere”.

It felt DAUNTING to know that I had to go back to square one, find a new surgeon, book a new consultation and a schedule new surgery date.

FIRST THING you NEED to know:  

It is IMPERATIVE that the doctor COMMITS to getting the entire capsule out.  If any is left inside, YOU WILL NOT GET BETTER. Know that when they tell you, “My patients that have had their implants removed have not gotten any better.” that it is because they didn’t take the entire capsule out with the implant.  So no shit sherlock, they didnt get better. A PS should have NO ISSUES with you wanting both your actual implants and all of your capsule returned to you so that you can send it to pathology for testing.


The majority of plastic surgeons will not acknowledge BII exists.  

Why do you think?  

Yes...Liability.  And then Money.

Although know that there are thousands of doctors, pathologists and plastic surgeons that DO. There are thousands of reported cases despite there still being no actual BII screening.

There is an approved list of physicians that are committed to getting the entire capsule out of you.  

Oh and as for the wouldn’t be the first time they’ve approved something safe that isn’t.  Especially when tied to a pharmaceutical drug or medical “device” company.


I’m happy to share that I followed the approved list and found one of THEEE BEST plastic surgeons in Tampa Bay.  He is not only one of the most TALENTED and accredited surgeons but he has committed to get as much of my capsule out, even though much of it may be attached to my rib cage.  Ugh to think I may have 23 year old capsules left in me my from my other TWO sets of implants. GROSS.   He will also give me my implants back to me and send the all the capsule to pathology.  

Everything happens for a reason.  I couldnt be sure that Dr DICK was committed to get my entire capsule out, leaving me open to having to pay for another surgery by someone who was.  


My NEW surgery date is May 22.  I’ll be in surgery about 5 hours and it’s not cheap at $12,000, and of course NOT covered on insurance (grrr...that’s another post for another day)  But…. as my mom put in perspective to me: I will not have to waste another dime on breast implants surgeries for the rest of my life, I hopefully will not blow more money on diagnostic testing and IF i do in fact feel better, I will have my HEALTH and  LIFE back!      #WorthIt

I have included pictures of what implants LOOK LIKE when they are removed with the capsule, a news video from a Canadian Chemist investigation down below....

Until Episode 3...HUGS and HEALTH,




This is the first time it's been explained (and shown) HOW and WHY the implant causes so many health issues from a Canadian Chemist on the Canadian FDA board:


Explanted breast Implants covered in the capsule the body naturally builds around it to protect and defend us against the "foreign invader".  It can be peeled off the implant, like a sausage casing, once explanted.


Breast Implants removed
Breast implants removed

WHY if your implant is under the muscle (like mine), it becomes problematic in getting all the capsule out.