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Unleash Your Inner LEADER! - Part 2


SATURATION Myths • Abundance • Mindset
Jamie & Kim Fitzpatrick… 28 min



WHAT are you saying WITHOUT saying it?
 Bonnie Engle… 27 min

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11 BADASS words to use to Create AWESOME Connections
Seay Stanford… 24 min

Here is the CHEAT SHEET to follow along...



Lindsay Matway… 12 Min



your business!
Seay & Bonnie… 31 min



My answer to: 
"Do I HAVE to get the Shakeology?"  
Seay Stanford… 5 min

Sometimes i think its so easy to look at a top coach/ the leaders in this page like Lindsay MatwayMiguel CarrascoSeay Eyles Stanford,Kim FitzpatrickJamie Fitzpatrick OR on another team and say...WELL its so easy for them , they have a huge following OR think that we didnt start at the same place as everyone and FRANKLY use it as a cop out to not keep going !

THIS is one of my VERY FIRST posts from when I started three years ago a couple weeks ago and i was posting up a STORM , with little traction, virtually no friends, living away from anyone i ever knew but i kept going , i held the vision, i followed the training :-) 

I posted BADDDD, wrong photos, poor wording , pictures of just my shakeology bag , people sad no, I word vommited all over people, I did everything I tell you guys not to do and i LEARNED by FAILURE and trail and error and I KEPT SHOWING UP everyday , without fail kept the vision in my head.

EVERYONE started from SCRATCH! including me! the only difference is TIME and CONSISTENCY!

THE KEY HERE IS I JUST STARTED. I didnt compare , I didnt get sad because not alot of people were responding , i thought THIS is part of the journey and if i want to succeed I have to keep going. SOOO many people fail because they just give up for no other reason than their own HEAD! MAKES ME SO MAD! if i had a nickel for every failed post, message, picture, invite, person quitting and i let it stop me , no one would even be in this team page!!!!!

IT’s NOT ABOUT BEING THE BEST or knowing everything its about FREAKING STARTING AND KEEP GOING. everyone started from somewhere. 

Seay Stanford adds....Haha The STRUGGLE WAS REAL!! !#ICringeLookingBack
Bad Graphics, Sounds super salesey, Stock photos...horrible text...
i had been a coach for 7 months here....TWO likes HAHA! No where to go but UP!